Sunlight Foundation: How does the 2012 DISCLOSE Act stack up against the 2010 version?

Today must be redline day here at the Sunlight Foundation. We’ve taken the just-introduced 2012 version of the DISCLOSE Act and compared it to its 2010 predecessor (which didn’t get cloture in the Senate.) This comparison is much rougher version that I would have liked to generate, but we had to scrape the 2012 version from a PDF and try to clean it up. That scraping and cleaning effort is far from perfect, so there’s a lot of artifacts and pagination problems.

Even with the mess, it’s interesting to see what stayed the same and what changed. Once you get past the first 10 pages or so, all of which were struck out, it become apparent how the legislation has significantly changed. The black text is the original version; everything in red is what was added or deleted.

Redline of 2010 and 2012 DISCLOSE Act

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