Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group: Not so super PACs

For every high-spending, politically-connected PAC, there are even more PACs that fail to accomplish much of anything. As of January 30, some 300 organizations have written letters to the FEC with their intention of raising unlimited money as a super PAC.

Any citizen, union or company (assuming the company is U.S. or has a U.S. subsidiary) may start a PAC — or 60 PACs, in the case of serial super PAC creator, Josue Larose.

While some PACs have causes without money, other PACs have money but no cause: The candidate they set out to assist, has dropped out of the race. What happens now. The remade landscape of campaign finance does not have clear guidelines on how orphan PACs should spend their money. Here a sampling of orphan PACs to see where the orphan money has gone so far.


Our Destiny PAC, created in support of former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman raised $2.68 million. The largest donor to the PAC was Huntsman’s father, Jon Huntsman Sr. He donated $1.8 million in support of his son, 70% of the total raised. Huntsman Sr. is the Chairman of the chemical company, Huntsman Corporation.

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