Support Green Initiatives and You Support Breakthrough Research

We post a lot about the impressive renewable energy research that is going on at our national labs and universities. So it’s easy to think that the world of green begins and ends with energy research. But a recent article reminded us that supporting green projects is about more than reducing pollution and lowering our carbon footprint, its also about preserving the biodiversity that inspires new technologies that impact nearly every part of our lives.

Many of us know that the technology behind Velcro was found in nature long before it was found in stores. But we often forget that there are many other inventions (not to mention medicines) that can trace their origins to nature. Now, GreenBiz gives us a list of 10 new “designs and discoveries” inspired by nature. And who knows, one of these may become a common household product one day.

Whatever becomes of these particular inventions, we were happy to be reminded that the “big picture” of supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency includes helping to preserve nature so that we’ll be inspired by its inhabitants for many years to come.

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