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Surfing Democracy, a Dynamic Facilitation Conference

NCDD member and Wisdom Council guru, Jim Rough, recently touched base with us to share news of an exciting event taking place in Batchuns, Austria February 23-35, 2012 in association with the Office of Future Related Issues there.

Center for Wise DemocracySurfing Democracy: Dynamic Facilitation and Wisdom Council Practitioners Network Conference is bringing together alumni of Dynamic Facilitator trainings to “network, practice Dynamic Facilitation, learn more about the Wisdom Council and how it’s being used, hear the results of the scientific study that has been commissioned, and to explore how best to take this strategy forward. The conference is free”.

The Center for Wise Democracy has prepared a brochure with all you need to know about the event and you can learn more by visiting their website. If you are a DF practitioner, you can register using this form.

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