Sustainability workshop at Nike – now: Live!

For anyone interested in climate change, sustainability, closed loop (or zero waste) manufacturing, you’ll be interested in the efforts of Nike, Best Buy and a collaborative public/private partnership called the GreenXchange (or GX). See a write-up in NY Times a couple Sundays ago: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/01/business/01proto.html

Today and tomorrow (Nov 12-13), Nike is hosting a “collaboratory” specifically on the subject of “double closed loop” production, which is an extension of the closed loop paradigm to consider and care for developing populations and regions.

If you want to follow what’s going via twitter, LIVE:

Then just click through to this link: http://twitter.com/CLCollabLIVE
Then hit “follow”
And you will start seeing the twitter stream as we go….


You can just search for the tag #gxlive…
And you will see all tweets that contain that tag

Wish you were here!

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Frank Monachello

Public/Private/NGO collaborations directed towards a more sustainable future will probably be the key to the next phase of American economic development and this country’s ability to compete effectively in the global economy. One wonders if it would be smart for the U.S. to actually create a new cabinet-level agency called The Department of Sustainability that draws resources from other existing agencies and helps guide this effort in a more coordinated way.