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“You can’t fax a handshake”

In an article in this morning’s NY Times about the President’s meeting with bankers yesterday (“Putting Obama On Hold”) the article closes with this line about the unfortunate absence from the meeting of three of the big bank CEOs: “There’s an expression that many bankers already know…when people need to be reminded of the importanceRead… Read more »

Mission Tenants: The missing link in collaboration success

My colleague (and new GovLoop friend) Andrew posted a bang-up deck on measurement earlier today. I love metrics and poring over data, so I refer you to it. Good stuff. Already, organizations that are focused, proactive and disciplined about measurement are seeing good results. For example, last week, my nGenera colleague Laura Carillo presented atRead… Read more »

The role of conflict and mediation in collaboration

As newer, web-enabled forms of collaboration have been gathering steam at all levels of government, it’s common to hear the discussion be all about the positive and little about the negative. But clearly, an ability to accommodate criticism, disagreement, and passionate debate are important aspects of a productive collaboration. The media coverage of the stolenRead… Read more »

Digital Identity – Thoughts from Fall conference

Had a great meeting hosted by FedEx at their Memphis HQ last week, covering research deliverables from the second half of 2009 and planned agenda for 2010. One of the hot topics was (and is) Digital Identity. There was an interesting post on this subject in the NY Times Bits blog this morning, basically sayingRead… Read more »

Sustainability workshop at Nike – now: Live!

For anyone interested in climate change, sustainability, closed loop (or zero waste) manufacturing, you’ll be interested in the efforts of Nike, Best Buy and a collaborative public/private partnership called the GreenXchange (or GX). See a write-up in NY Times a couple Sundays ago: Today and tomorrow (Nov 12-13), Nike is hosting a “collaboratory” specificallyRead… Read more »

Climate change and a Gov 2.0 event in Toronto

I’ve been following the activity around climate change, sustainability, and cleantech especially closely, in recent weeks. Part of it is due to some specific sustainability and cleantech related events I’ve been involved in, including the GreenXchange and the Austin Clean Energy Venture Summit. Also, it’s because I’m thrilled at the pace with which social media,Read… Read more »

Idea generation: who cares? (I mean, seriously?!)

I’ve been thinking about and studying the whole “here comes everybody” phenomenon recently. And, while I’m not going to offer any definitive conclusions, I thought I would offer a mish-mash of some of my personal observations and findings: first, to see if any resonate and, second, to see what I can learn from others whoRead… Read more »