Sustainable Transportation: One Tonne Life Project

Here is a follow up to a post we made in October about the One Tonne Life project. As a quick refresher, One Tonne Life is a collaboration between Volvo, A-hus, and Vattenfall that is trying to find a way for a modern family to emit only one ton of CO2 per person per year, and of course still live comfortably. Obviously this means they will need shelter, food, transportation and all of the other modern amenities we’ve come to expect.

This update is about the transportation part of the One Tonne Life. Volvo provided the family participating in the project with a fully electric car, and Lenora Oppenheim of TreeHugger recently interviewed the family about their vehicle and even went for a drive with them. We enjoyed the interview, and found what the family shared about the car’s pros and cons well worth reading. Check it out for yourself!

For more information on the One Tonne Life project, be sure to read our previous post.

Photo via TreeHugger/One Tonne Life

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