“Sweet GovTweets” Coredump from Gov20camp (March 2009)

In progress. Currently timestamp is: 11:45 am on Friday. This tag will be updated as I continue to trawl through the tweets.

I am trying to go through the main twitter stream in the event someone is interested in the (currently) 4661 tweets from gov20camp. I am also trying to arrange the sessions as best I can as someone who wasn’t at the actual conference and so there are bound to be errors. Read the coredump at your own risk!

(PS: Also, yeah, I don’t think I’ll be formatting this particular tweet post if that’s okay with you.)

@socialmediaclub: RT @chrisheuer: Government 2.0 Camp Meet World Cafe – a hastily written blog post on what I am doing at #gov20camp – http://bit.ly/TZUlx

@citizensnews: via @bashley: @CitizensNews Politicians and Academics as the disadvantaged”? Now there’s old paradigm flipped on its ear! #gov20camp #gov2.0

@svenburg: #gov20camp is the hashtag for @Gov20Camp. Sessions will also have specific hashtags. #gov20 is ongoing topical tag RT @mixtmedia

@colorbeck: @mixtmedia did a great job on @fednewsradio talking gov 2.0 camp http://twurl.nl/zutmus #gov20camp #gov20 #WFEDDebrief

@mixtmedia: I talked about @Gov20Camp with Chris Dorobek on Federal News Radio this afternoon. Here’s the clip: http://tinyurl.com/c8xx3n #gov20camp

@wmburke: #gov20camp tmrw. 500+ people talking/learning about social media & government. Follow along at http://government20club.org/

@planetrussell: Prepping for #gov20camp + completing web community proposal for PA Gov’s School for Global Entrepreneurship www.tr.im/hRhQ – then dinner #fb

@gov20camp: @dominiccampbell We’re looking forward to showcasing Us Now U.K. #gov20 documentary & hearing the inside scoop from your panel #gov20camp

@debategraph: Full transcript of the Obama Online Town Hall http://bit.ly/hKmv0 #gov20camp #gov20 #askpres #ofq #TCOT

@edemocracycamp: Going to #gov20camp? Say hi to the #edemcamp planners @zannalyons @jkerrstevens @andrewjcohen @JulieG @wmburke (and possibly others). πŸ˜‰

@cheeky_geeky: Here’s the #gov20camp rough schedule for tomorrow (sessions will be filled in tomorrow morning during plenary): http://twurl.nl/1xdytg

@sobelito: At #Gov20Camp, going to seek feedback on http://omgdcr.org/ If reception is positive, then will seek contributors #Gov20

@wthashtag: #gov20camp is now trending. Define it here http://wthash.com/gov20camp

@zerostrategist: watching the power of self organization at #gov20camp

@jaakkoh: #gov20camp mobile streaming with Qik http://tinyurl.com/cbjnqj @gov20camp – for your streaming, too.

@jakkoh: Created an Ovi.com account #gov20camp http://share.ovi.com/Gov20 for anyone can upload _any_ media by email [email protected] .

@levyj413: Pick the camp song. Option 1: “get down, get funky, get loose, and groove to the beat!” Option 2: “Misson! Tool! Metrics! Teach!” #gov20camp

@webtechman: How Social Media fits into Gov 2.0 in Washington DC Today at #gov20camp ! More Tweeps: @chrishemrick @kpkfusion

@chrishermrick: Opening remarks: “We have to have an unconference for govt” #gov20camp

@kristinwolff: #gov20camp just getting starting! Maxine: why r we here? Collaboration.

@smburns: Kicking off #gov20camp @mixtmedia pumping everyone up. Already filled w/ ideas for @govdelivery from Gene @ FEMA and @poorgeek

@poorgeek: @maxint giving the opening remarks at #gov20camp http://twitpic.com/2ht90

@gbyehuda: @mixtmedia: unconferences are Lincolnian: of, for, by the people. #gov20camp.

@mikeman: 2 for 2 on meeting interesting ppl at #gov20camp — a UK portal creator and a social media guy who works with SOCOM

@chrishemrick: Getting ready to vote on agenda for #gov20camp

@pbroviak: 103 sponsors gave $20,000 to help support the #gov20camp – 500 attendees!

@loudoun: tools and technologies aren’t the point, here at the #gov20camp unconference for Gov2.0

@gnagesh: Organizers are on state, @corbett3000 is speaking about the format for today’s “unconference” #gov20camp

@schuyler: at #gov20camp… where, of course, the Wi-Fi died as soon as the opening session started πŸ™‚

@kachok: @sobelito here is the paper by @dret I was talking about – http://dret.net/biblio/reference/wil09d #gov20camp

@kpkfusion: Okay, This #gov20camp conference is excellent format. Recognizes value of networking. Group forms 501c3, disintermediates formality

@dismalscience: #gov20camp begins with a reminder not to use social media and to please leave if you’re on fire

@smburns: Thinking through plans for panel on using 1.0 to drive followers/friends in 2.0. Join @DrTachyon (FDA 2.0 guru) and me #gov20camp to discuss

@lewisshepherd: http://twitpic.com/2htf2 – Crowded opening session of #gov20camp in DC, @zachtumin & @lewisshepherd

@almacy: Over 500 attendeed at inaugural #gov20camp. Oops, was just told no photos in auditorium. Assume TwitPics are fine!

@lostonroute66: http://twitpic.com/2htfs – setting the tracks for #gov20camp

@krazykriz: @levyj413 rocks…speaking now at #gov20camp – “not your father’s conference”

@sradick: @lewisshepherd We need to connect at some point today! #gov20camp

@lewisshepherd: http://twitpic.com/2hthc – “preparing to tweet” – the ubiquitous @bobgourley live-streams at #gov20camp

@eliz2shea: #gov20camp a third of folks here gov employees, not industry

@scotthorvath: #gov20camp SocMed: Mission. Tools. Metrics. Teach

@csukach: @jlevy just let us in a camp cheer. It truly is camp! #gov20camp.

@krazykriz: @levyj413 – Get down, get funky, get loose and groove to the beat…that’s the drum beat of webolution that you’re hearing .#gov20camp style

@almacy: @cheeky_geeky asks how manyjust tweeted in last 30 seconds. 25% hands raised. Starting unconference session planning now. #gov20camp

@lovisatalk: Getting ready to intro ENTIRE group #gov20camp

@jmanecke: FAA blocks bird-strike data – they know better than the unwashed masses. http://tinyurl.com/dzdj4b #transparency #fail #gov20camp

@machvee: Omg, 500 person go around the room introductions at #gov20camp. 3 words or less.

@boxingchickee: At opening session of #gov20camp. There are folks here from EVERYWHERE

@beleita: Maybe I’m too tired but somehow brought up a session on what happens when social media networks get too clogged and junked up at #gov20camp

@matthewburton: #gov20camp would you rather have a panel on open source, or a presentation on the intel community’s open development platform?

@stratsoc: I want panel on leveraging the social web for national security – someone from DMA also proposed this – let’s talk #gov20camp

@hackshaven: Eric Hackathorn / Hackshaven Harford in virtual worlds – Those that actually read this are the ones I want to meet. #gov20camp #gov20

@lostonroute66: #gov20camp session – role of gov in health2.0 and participatory health care

@billschrier: billschrierSession Proposal: Local Government 2.0 – need projector #gov20camp – shout outs to @eperlman, @bobgourley @sabrak @cheeky_geeky

@paolicelli: @gov20camp Anyone here interested in government adoption of open source? #gov20camp #opensource

2pogoblog: Great turnout at #gov20camp, any interest in bailout transparency?

@bevusa: social media for hispanic market #gov20camp

@dslunceford; I’m in to co-facillitate Twitter 101/Power of the GovTwits session if that flys #gov20camp

@bevusa: digitixing dusty archives from NARA #gov20camp

@dslunceford: RT @DruidSmith Govies are outnumbered by non-govies for #gov20camp? Ironic in a way… Glad that there are at least some govies represented

@bevusa: 30 answers to 30 problems in 30 mins session by Peter Corbett #gov20camp

@pbroviak: @DruidSmith the geo aspect of Gov2.0 can greatly enhance the engagement. Visit maps made by @InventCivil #gov20camp

@bill_allison: Super Secret FreddieMac http://bitly.com/oACQz Taxpayers own big chunk; shouldn’t we have access 2 all records? #gov20camp

@druidsmith: @pbroviak Absolutely! Geo facilitates cross-border gov’t issues (e.g. watershed-oriented, transport. network-oriented, etc) #gov20camp

@andrewjcohen: Just volunteered to facilitate a #gov20camp session titled “Gov 2.0 to Go: Great Mobile Sites and Services.”

@eperlman: Why here? transparency citizen engagement collaboration outreach connections community #gov20camp

@weinberg81: “Get on the govt cluetrain or get hit by it” #gov20camp

@krazykriz: To the Booz guy who just said “Social Media ROI: Winning Over Your Boss” – want to co-facilitate? #gov20camp

@wdncnu: at #gov20camp looking to lead session on building a 2.0 culture

@noneck: at 1.45, i’ll be hosting a session on my next project – 50 state legislative wiki w/ focus on FLOSS penetration & best practices #Gov20Camp

@jpmorgenthal: #gov20camp attendees seeking cloud computing, soa, bpm or information strategy and architecture please seek me out

@nextgov: Lots of buzzwords being dropped. My editor always says if you can’t explain something simply, you don’t really understand it. #gov20camp

@kmcurry:Deloitte & BAH well represented @ #gov20camp

@prboviak: @DruidSmith group just introduced is covering GIS geodata & data visualization #gov20camp

@druidsmith: @pbroviak gov’t needs to focus on publishing geodata first & foremost before GIS mashups & visualizations can happen #gov20camp

@sradick: “Get on Gov 2.0 cluetrain,or get hit by it” #gov20camp

@therebull: Ok maybe govies are outnumbered #gov20camp

@bevusa: stop email addiction in favor of collaborative technologies #gov20camp

@nextgov: Interested to here what USA.gov would look like in the cloud. Also hope to speak to Navy rep about location-based services. #gov20camp

@sabrak: Sessions proposed including policy, emergency applications, GIS mashups, get on train or get hit by train. I’m amongst my people. #gov20camp

@bevusa: “aligning 2.0 to mission objectives” #gov20camp

@stratsoc: @ckras want to talk social web and national security #gov20camp

@amver: @nextgov Couldn’t be at #gov20camp. Care to ask what initiatives are in play for Feds to use the cloud & netbooks? Think of the $ savings!

@cwolz: Come to session 10:45 am – public engagement online – what’s “success”? #gov20camp

@kristinwolff: So excited @ data visualization people here! More sessions! How about you NBER? Or BLS? #gov20camp

@bevusa: “open development platform and why really important to gov” session #gov20camp

@ckras: @thedrake and I will be talking tomorrow about purple intelligence #gov20camp ; I’ll be there!

@noeldickover: Transforming 508 Compliance: Stop Enforcing, Start Innovating. http://tiny.cc/kPYx3 #gov20camp

@dismalscience: @NoelDickover YES. 508 is supposed to increase accessibility for some, not hinder it for all. #gov20camp

@weinberg81: “What was that session? Something about love and open government” #gov20camp

@bevusa: “consolidating websites to make things more findable” session #gov20camp

@mollymoran: To the gentleman w/ proposed session on wiki lessons learned: I’d be happy to share Diplopedia lessons! #gov20camp

@krazykriz: Filled w/ideas for sessions at #gov20camp (don’t have to lead, just want to see): “The 60-Second Commute: Social Media and Telework”

@henrim: only one session on improving websites so far. i think it would step one of improving most agency web presence. #gov20camp

@mtnsocialevent: #gov20camp continue the discussion @ mtnsocial09 http://mountainsocial.com/, plus drink a little beer!

@lurita: I love the idea of curing email addiction through collaborative workspaces as a session topic–much needed #gov20camp

@bevusa: “firewall banned sites” #gov20camp

@robert_banghart: Recovery.gov: the First Step Toward Smart Regulation? http://is.gd/kyG1 #gov20 #xbrl #gov20camp RT @govwiki

@jsigwart: Transparency is a big theme here today. Good! #gov20camp

@jack_holt: looking to lead #gov20camp session Social Media National Security and public safety

@bevusa: “internet trolls working for you” session #gov20camp

@DrTachyon: @AndrewPWilson What about a panel of Feds to address questions re social media and gov? #gov20camp

@smburns: Session: “Driving citizens using Gov info in 1.0 to become friends & followers of gov socmed” w/ @DrTachyon and anyone w/ ideas #gov20camp

@bevusa: “free open source” #gov20camp

@tmn_inc: Who else is interested in the role of sm in public education Campaigns #gov20camp

@noeldickover: Use of OpenID really aids the privacy issue. #gov20camp

@kpkfusion: #gov20camp We should think of this group as an emergent network that represents many other networks. Power is in tying networks together.

@krazykriz: Looking forward to meeting the gal who just said: “Generation Jones: Trapped Between Wiz Kids and the Man” #gov20camp

@corbett3000: My #gov20camp session “30 answers to 30 problems in 30 minutes” rapid fire solutions to all you social tech issues #gov20camp

@lovisatalk:@corbett3000: Special ty to http://octo.dc.gov for opening all the ports at Duke Ellington so we can access social web sites. #gov20camp

@Roebot: So far 60% of gov agencies are MindTouch customers another 30% users. #gov20camp

@andrewjackson: #gov20camp attendees may be interested in attending #edemcamp next month. Beat the waitlist: http://ow.ly/1bVl

@joelogon: #gov20camp – typical conference whines are: wi-fi, AC power, food/bathrooms. For this one, add: Moving cars every 2 hours

@cath_sitterding: I think I’m one of the youngest ppl at #gov20camp today. #gov20 and new media have no generational divide?

@immunity: I will be capturing and coordinating the blogs and wiki today as the volunteer gardener. #gov20camp

@cath_sitterding: Woo! Someone just proposed session on int’l pd. Will be there. #pd20 #gov20camp

@gregknicholson: Impeccable logic: #Twitter doesn’t interoperate with other µblog services → Twitter is evil. #gov20camp uses Twitter → gov20camp is evil.

@beleita: lol, microsoft just proposed a conference entitled “lets bash vista” at #gov20camp How many have to be on twitter for it to be a dns attack?

@jeanmiller: We a group of the convinced. We’ll need to leverage each other to convince the unconvinced. Rock it #gov20camp πŸ™‚

@dominiccampbell: Good news. A “making web 2.0 accessible” session proposed. Much needed. Count me in #gov20camp

@lewisshepherd: http://twitpic.com/2hv8y – Crowdsourcing a conference: at #gov20camp the audience listens to itself, not the stage

@csukach: Propsed session for tomorrow: Crisis com on Twitter. #gov20camp.

@nextgov: Usability is something goverent does not do well #gov20camp

@intoevp: Would like to do a session on decreasing information overload through relevant media aggregation #gov20camp – Key for PR and Marketing

@weinberg81: @Kickstand447 Great idea! I just wrote a blog on Twitter Lingo last week. Anything else? http://tinyurl.com/d84687 #gov20camp

@evan Someone needs to hold a WifiCamp to share strategies for providing wifi for conferences. Nobody ever gets it right. #gov20camp

@jedsundwall: kevin novek W3C standard important, get govt sites to validate #gov20camp (via @BevUSA) Hear! Hear!

@ed_dodds: Road Map for Financial Recovery: Radical Transparency Now! http://is.gd/pfgS #gov20camp #honda #opengov #gov20 #xbrl

@ajturner: #gov20camp session: Authority, Authenticity, and Accuracy of Citizen-Sourced Data

@mnx: Could we do a session focusing on disadvantaged populations?#gov20camp

@jasonbreed #gov20camp: Social CRM in Practice – Microsoft & Neighborhood America http://bit.ly/JvOSi Don’t overlook CRM & Social media

@bill_allison: Super Secret FreddieMac http://bitly.com/oACQz Taxpayers own big chunk; shouldn’t we have access 2 all records? #gov20camp

@ed_dodds: Snippets from the Google Groups Cloud Computing List As They Awaken to Medical Banking in the Cloud http://is.gd/pfw5 #medbanking #gov20camp

@gnagesh: Unveiling the #gov20camp agenda – Photo: http://bkite.com/05VkQ

@lostonroute66: #gov20camp Health 2.0 starts at 10:45 room 108

@rnsearch: What’s all the buzz about #gov20camp? Here’s the what/when/who http://bit.ly/VGrc0

@chrisheuer: If you aren’t at #gov20camp join us 4 the Social Media Club Question of the Week Answers Show at 2pm EST http://bit.ly/smcq2a

@geogeller: dems/GOP/concervatives/non-committed we need 2 come together together if we R going get it together ¬ argue who’s fault it is #gov20camp

@jessiex: Lookie. A bunch of #genx geeks with their laptops. were they #millennials, they’d have phones in hand. #gov20camp http://twitpic.com/2hx28

@kristinwolff: Public engagement session hashtag is #PE20 (for #gov20camp). Chris Wolz and Susanna ? (America speaks)

@nextgov: Learning about the Library of Congress’ Flickr pilot project. Flickr is one of the sites that signed the GSA social media pact #gov20camp

@danmintz: in #govhealth20 in #gov20camp, active argument over what health20 really is (or isn’t)

2cath_sitterding: In a presentation from Matthew Burton on Intelink and A-Space #gov20camp. Missed his intro, not sure where he works

@noeldickover: How do you debate in the public square and keep your privacy? #gov20camp #govprivacy

@guyma: A-space is Facebook for spies (intel analysts) #gov20camp #bridge

Sessions appear to start from here on out


@heidipage: Government 2.0 Camp 1st session: Engaging the Public & How Do You Define Success?#gov20camp #PE20

@amandare: Lots of military reps at engaging the public and measuring success. Good start just coming. #gov20camp #pe20

@dominiccampbell: At the “engaging the public and measuring success” session #gov20camp led by www.sunlightfoundation.com and others

@twistyroadscrvr: Can someone share the DoJ’s InfraGard example as a Public/Private framework for Gov20 info #Gov20Camp ? Thanks!

@dominiccampbell: Great turn out from US Air Force including the people behind probably the best social media guide I know www.tinyurl.com/7zdsnn #gov20camp

@scotthorvath: #gov20camp #pe20 How do u really measure succ w/2.0? Can’t be stats has to be buzz? How do you measure buzz? Takes 2 long for mgmt desires.

@amandare: You have the technology, how do you compel action? How do you apply tech for citizen engagement? #gov20camp #pe20

@csukach: publicworksgroup.com/blogs is liveblogging this breakout. #gov20camp #pe20.

@thedrake: Expect technology to be disposable and cheap – expect you must evolve #116f10 #gov20camp

@thedrake: When does the cost of integration outweigh the use of the business tool #116f10 #gov20camp

@thedrake: Appropriate use of publicly available channels #116f10 #gov20camp

@smack09: how do you plan to curb blatant abuse of the collaborative activities we want to nurture? (an example being #smack09) #gov20camp

@thedrake: E-mail must die!!!!! #116f10 #gov20camp

@joepringle: State department “tweets down” false rumors in Madagascar: http://tinyurl.com/c9or8a . #gov20camp #116f10

@sliqviq: Great convo about Social Media tools and platform discussions and integration versus SaaS #116f10 #gov20camp

@quepol: Hillary Hartley, new media geek for NIC Inc. (21 .gov websites). Let’s talk transparency, opengov, + social tools for gov. #intro #gov20camp

@johncrupi: Listening to aSpace talk at #gov20camp

@lovisatalk: There is a DHS effort to map policies into decision flow based on what type of commuication #gov20camp

@primerano: learning about a-space and BRIDGE at #gov20camp http://tinyurl.com/dmpp9g

@gov20brad: Common Alerting Protocol for sharing emergency information – info at incident.com #gov20camp

@wseltzer: Common Alerting Protocol, used by NOAA, USGS, 911; CAP Cookbook at http://incident.com/cookbook/ #gov20camp

@boxingchickee: #gov20camp session Real Time Data Sharing, National Information Exchange Model NIEM use across agencies, able to aggregate

@uniongal: #gov20policy #gov20camp Lack of communication is cultural. Many want to keep things close. The tech exists, but the problem persists.

@tjohns06: What is meaningful participation? #pe20 #gov20camp ANY PARTICIPATION (my thought)

@afpaa: -AF At GovCamp 20 discussing ways to engage the public with other branches of govt. Great to hear from the other agencies #gov20camp

@devinhedge: @sradick #gov20camp #pe20 @amandare Technology, used correctly, is invisible. If someone is talking about technology, ask yourself “why?”

@lurita: #gov20camp #Pe20 talking about way to qualify content, create credibility

@andrewpwilson: Need to ask citizen what they want/ expect in terms of public engagement #gov20camp #pe20

@paultbove: Hearing some great discussion and ideas about public engagement. Using twitter for crisis = very interesting #gov20camp

@nextgov: DC from CTO’s office says putting your picture online is a part of having credibility. #gov20camp

@lurita: #gov20camp #PE20 seems a bit rude to be tweeting while other folks are talking–may take a bit of getting used to a new kind of etiquette

@nextgov: @lurita Definitely not rude at this conference. That’s the whole point! #gov20camp

@scotthorvath: @lurita #gov20camp #PE20 discussion in the backchannel though encourages questions and answers questions from those who don’t want to talk

@kickstand447: @lurita #gov20camp #PE20 but that is what keeps those of us who aren’t attending informed. Depends on the context; but good 4 barcamp

@andrewpwilson: Good example of successful commumity and public engagement is if the community monitors itself #gov20camp #pe20

@krazykriz: @ScottHorvath #pe20 #gov20camp Hey Scott – We developed template yesterday AM – it’s on a flash drive back in my hotel room…post 2nite

@afpaa: @jack_holt -AF Thanks Jack. AF representin! Thanks as always for leading the way ahead for DoD. #gov20camp

@angelofsight: hearing the same problem from gov’t – adoption by end users. NOT leadership buy-in! #gov20camp

@infoevp: Ready to find great ways to get people to work together for “FREE” but is it really? #gov20camp #fourfree

@infoevp: #fourfree #gov20camp – Building relationships is the main focus.

@infoevp: TIP 1: No one does anything for free! Anyone under the age of 45 doesn’t do anything for free. Time is important. #fourfree #gov20camp

@infoevp: Compensation is no longer confined to Money – people are motivated by contributing. #fourfree #gov20camp

@infoevp: Two fundamentals: Survival or Acknowledgment is why people do things. #fourfree #gov20camp

@infoevp: Everyone wants to be Known, Loved, and Accepted. #fourfree #gov20camp

@infoevp: Identify the real incentive and then say it often! You must be a cheerleader. #fourfree #gov20camp

@infoevp: Achievement. Affiliation. Authority. Key things to motivate (there is one more…it’s an “A”) #fourfree #gov20camp

@infoevp: How do you find out what motivates people? I recommend asking and mutually agreeing on what is to be done. #fourfree #gov20camp.

@infoevp: How do U get the veterans approaching retirement to get involved with Web 2.0 efforts and volunteering their knowledge? #fourfree #gov20camp

@lindykyzer: Listening to LOC talk about building community through SM, specifically Flickr #gov20camp

@jedsundwall: the LOC’s Flickr photos have been viewed over 15 million times over the past 13 months #gov20camp #flickr

@amberlynne: amazing how the commons project on flickr is changing the way history is being recorded by gov #gov20camp

@jessiex: At US library of congress preso about flickr project, The Commons. #gov20camp #boomers #silentgen #opensource http://twitpic.com/2hxlk

@amberlynne: some flickr users might just have too much free time on their hands. more info for us though! #gov20camp

@jessiex:Flickr, The Commons preso: tags, groups, google maps, comments. Photos are moderated for relevance. Themes. Blogs. #gov20camp

@jedsundwall: Library of Congress’s Flickr-focused Government 2.0 Policy and Legal Issues document http://tr.im/hSPE #gov20camp #flickr

Library of congress/The Commons’ comments are not premoderated. Take a “bright line” to comments. Remove spam, not much else. #gov20camp

@rupertmike: LOC has done some truly amazing things. Not sure how many other agencies have rich enough/comparable content to replicate same. #gov20camp

@justgrimes:Currently attending “usability best practices” sessions at #gov20camp; first session of the day

@justgrimes: usability isn’t a technology!! It’s not Twitter! Usability is completion and success w/ enjoyment in tasks; crazy ux designers #gov20camp

@mixtmedia: Talking about personal privacy & personally identifiable information in #gov20camp 1st break-out session of hte day.

@sabrak: Privacy… Session addressing public service and private life for gov workers who aren’t elected? I get this question often. #gov20camp

@noeldickover: The Transparent Society by David Brinn is a good resource foe this. #gov20camp #govprivacy

@almacy: 80% of Americans are identifiable via zip code, gender and date of birth. Name not even needed. #gov20camp #privacy

@brianfdonahue: @almacy please elaborate on 80% of Americans identifiable by zip code – in what way? #gov20camp #privacy

@sabrak: What is the balance between transparency and privacy with Web 2.0 in local governments? #gov20camp

@noeldickover: OpenID addresses #govprivacy concerns in that it allows low level participation without sharing identity. #gov20camp

@nextgov: Now discussing challenges of getting older workers to embrace social media #gov20camp #pubpriv

@nextgov: Have to consider training, education at the outset. Documentation often left out in private sector. #gov20camp #pubpriv

@nextgov: Booz Allen employee talking about company’s internal social network, abut a year old and 30% of employees are using it actively #gov20camp

@jsigwart: Transparency is a big theme here today. Good! #gov20camp But the Nut IS: Are Privacy & Transparency mutually exclusive?

@noeldickover: Disagreements on whether people should be able to participate in govt policy discussions anonymously. #gov20camp #govprivacy

@nextgov: Part of the privacy discussion, talking about implications of putting all this information on the Web. #gov20camp

@brainfdonahue: @almacy i’d be curious to learn more – could also cross into offline with direct mail and cable – also zip code friendly #gov20camp #privacy

@danmintz: @lovisatalk ‘internet and rules are not kind to each’, gov 2.0 a disruptive tech in a compliance culture, #gov20camp

@henrim: “Policies have to flexible, and we have to be in touch with our communities” #gov20policy #gov20camp

@henrim: Subcouncil on social media is collecting social media policies of all agencies on a wiki to share #gov20policy #gov20camp

@lovisatalk: Why do ppl want to create huge process to build policy? We need guidance out there even imperfect ones! #gov20camp

@generationwild: Session on #gov20policy is interesting – do we build policy templates on a wiki, GovLoop, Social Media SubCouncil wiki? ahhhh! #gov20camp

@lovisatalk: Corp culture change does not include big heavy processes! #gov20camp

@henrim: We need better data mgmt #gov20policy #gov20camp

@nextgov: Now in the privacy discussion, an employee from DOD CIO says it’s not wise to share everything you’re doing online. #gov20camp

@nextgov: Discussion about who agencies should follow on twitter. Pushing out information vs. being social #gov20camp

@twistyroadscrvr: How to Access to Gov2.0 data? should be a topic, InfraGard could be a model to follow… Public/Private use #gov20camp

@nextgov: DC CTO employee says “public has right to know where I am during work”. Uses Google Latitude to track his location. #gov20camp

@jeanmiller: In social network private versus public sector session but mostly private sector folks at #gov20camp

@nextgov: Bob Gourley: It’s a personal choice. You choose how much information you put out there about yourself. #gov20camp

@henrim: “A lot of people are making policy about tools they are not using and will never use” #gov20policy #gov20camp

@henrim: And FOA rear its ugly head #gov20policy #gov20camp

@stanm: #gov20policy #gov20camp: speaker’s caught in a bureaucratic net. Wants to map it instead of cutting thru it.

@sabrak: Gov agency twitter account, is a personal name attached? What about accounts with many contributors? #gov20camp Authenticity vs anonymity.

@sanford: At #gov20camp discussing sockpuppets and privacy

@uniongal: kind of looks like a standard operating procedure not a map. #gov20camp #gov20policy

@mecredy: #Privacy author Jeff Jonas and also check out danah boyd on impact to social tools #gov20camp

@noeldickover: Should every govt interaction require us authenticating everyones real identity? I think not but others disagree. #govprivacy #gov20camp

@mecredy: #gov20camp #privacy key is education just as much as tech with social media

@jgilliam: my experience at whitehouse2.org is that people do want to “wear a mask”, afraid of political views hurting job/etc. #gov20camp

@unhuman: My #pubpriv session at #gov20camp is over. Thanks to all who came and participated – I learned a lot – hope you did too!

@jkerrstevens: In the Health 2.0 session. Interesting focus on clinlical use. Very different model to UK #gov20camp

@minaah: SoMedia changing human behavior? #govhealth20 #gov20camp

@minaah: what is the purpose, what is the missions. create the policies first. we need governance first. #govhealth20 #gov20camp

@jkerrstevens: Health insurance and releasing your health data has considerable impact. #gov20camp

@minaah: Mission! Tool! Metrics! Teach! In that order! #govhealth20 #gov20camp

@jkerrstevens: Wow this is very different to UK. We’re lucky to have the NHS. #gov20camp

@ed_dodds: Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) http://xml.coverpages.org/xbrl.html #medbanking #gov20 #gov20camp #xbrl #honda

@andrewjcohen: At the #govhealth20 session at #gov20camp. Active discussion on providing authoritative health care advice with user-contributed content.

@jkerrstevens: No one seems to be mentioning patients or the public. #govhealth20 #gov20camp

@jknauer: #govhealth20 session at #gov20camp: Agencies believe citizen participation in federal health data seems to be one way. Govt knows all?

@dslunceford: Interesting…the private sector can provide good data too; gov needs to compete better to communicate to consumers #gov20camp #gov20health

@dslunceford: How do we take the great print info on drugs we have and translate it to online and get into hands of consumer #gov20camp #govhealth20

@minaah: How do we take the great print info on drugs we have and translate it to online and get into hands of consumer #gov20camp #govhealth20

@smburns View of real time widget view of info. gov fed health agencies are sending out: http://bit.ly/ZCnJt #govhealth20 #gov20camp

@jknauer: #govhealth20 session at #gov20camp: push data out to where it is needed, don’t focus on big govt websites as single destination.

@brandondart: #gov20camp #govhealth20not government needs to create standards with its pubs so they can be easily translated to social media.

@dslunceford: those managing disease want access to govmed info; there’s gold in them there hills #gov20camp #govhealth20

@dslunceford: Putting all your data in a wiki is disaster…. #gov20camp #govhealth20

@annagabbert: My session has folks from Deloitte, NIH, Linden Labs, TechWeb, Library of Congress, AT&T, AOL and more. Good discussion! #gov20camp

@kknauer: #govhealth20 session at #gov20camp: data needs to be in machine readable formats. Fund SBIRs and other research to make it flow.

@andrewjcohen: Don’t put health info in unstructured wikis. Needs to be machine-readable and sharable #govhealth20 #gov20camp

@minaah: CDC – gave cell phones to college kids. let them go loose. on HIV prevention. used Facebook. #gov20camp

@minaah: timeline for human behavioral change #gov20camp #govhealth20

@dslunceford: When’s the last time anyone read your orgs mission plan/strategy? *very few hands go up* πŸ™ #gov20health #gov20camp

@brandondart: #gov20camp we need to tie all 2.0 initiatives to the company’s mission statement.

@rjohnston: I have copies of a whitepaper on Future of Healthcare Knowledge Sharing is anyone wants one. See me after session. #gov20camp #govhealth20

@tableteer: @rjohnston electronic or paper? #gov20camp #govhealth20

@andrewjcohen: @rjohnston I’d like to see your white paper on Future of Healthcare knowledge. #gov20camp #govhealth20

@dslunceford: The DoD’s health record system is the largest db on earth (true statement?) larger than google #gov20health #gov20camp

@minaah: mission of the agency, audience, supporting clinicians and resarchers #gov20camp #govhealth20

@dslunceford: @dslunceford put patients at the heart of everything we do. #gov20health #gov20camp

@andrewjcohen: DB of DOD health information: largest DB in the world. Just struck deal with MS and Google. #govhealth20 #gov20camp

@andrewjcohen: Upcoming event: www.barcamp.org/healthcamp #govhealth20 #gov20camp

@danmintz: Ambient intimacy discussed in health 2.0 #gov20camp, the mind boggles

@dslunceford: Be careful – missteps are costly in social media; think first #gov20camp #govhealth20

@lyne_robichaud: @dslunceford Quebec gov denial of Flublogia and social media in general = huge misstep. À mon avis, énorme faux pas! #gov20camp #govhealth20

@therebull: OH: “I like working for the government bc I can’t get fired.” = what’s wrong w government. Should focus on performance. #gov20camp #gov

@jlomn: 5 W’s of marketing and social media. First #gov20camp session of the day. “Blending the old with the new”

@stevehasher: Live mindmap being created on our session at #gov20camp http://twitpic.com/2hxgk

@coisight: I’m loving the backstage room at #gov20camp. Apropos that the intel community tech talk is, well, backstage at a barcamp?

@wseltzer: CAP developed ~6 yrs; out of CA, bottom-up and then top-down (from use-in-practice to grant requirement). #gov20camp

@dominiccampbell: No one aware of any US department/agency that has tried and succeeded with community self-moderation online. Any UK egs? #gov20camp

@1p: Seeing an amazing demo of an interactive demo of a sort of 3D barcode & webcam technology from GE. #gov20camp

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