“Sweet GovTweets” Fri. 3rd April 2009 edition

Apologies for errors in advance:

@you2gov: Here is my reaction blog to the excellent #Gov20Camp this past weekend in DC. Are you Citizen 2.0 yet? http://tinyurl.com/d8dwhe #opengov

@you2gov: #Colorado: #Transparent or not? Will they or won’t they? One thing hurts another. What’s to hide? #OpenGov http://tinyurl.com/COnoTranspar

@danancona: More digitally adept congresspeople request fewer earmarks, but I’m generally in favor of earmarks, i.e. volcano monitoring #opengov #w2e

@danancona: If gov openness is going to make investing in society slower & more difficult, I might not be totally in favor. #w2e #opengov

Steal this presentation: http://sunlightlabs.com/ignitepresentation (via @cjoh) #opengov

Transparency == 1) Bulk access (want all of it). 2) API, REST, JSON, XML. 3) Good user interface for the public. #opengov (via @cjoh)

@studebaker: “Simple”, basic, few frills design stands to be more #accessible to wider range of users and puts less strain on servers #OpenGov (k/t RWW)

States looking for transparency ahead of ARRA recs #gov20 #civsource http://is.gd/qu1Z

@jefferyrlsmith: #CivSource Morning News Update 4.3.09 http://twurl.nl/lit4bd #gov20

@noneck: @NYSenateCIO wants to know how much you want to hear from them: http://bit.ly/QCqQ #NYSenate #gov20 #gov20camp

@mweditor: Web 2.0 disruptive, but necessary to business – understanding implications of online activity is key http://ow.ly/20cY #gov20

@mikeujawski: Great use of del.icio.us by the UK government: http://sandbox.dius.gov.uk/digitalgovuk/ #gov20

@noeldickover: Would love a study on whether tighter security reqs (like insanely harsh password reqs) lead to easier/more social engineering holes #gov20

@dsluunceford: Don’t miss @levyj413 on #gov20 radio this Sunday @ 5pm ET talking Earth Month, Fed SocMed Subcouncil & more: http://bit.ly/QPJV6

@dslunceford getting some love from the Minn. Star Trib…nice work http://twurl.nl/3la24q #civsource #gov20

@stevenasher: Taking Shots with @cheeky_geeky & @sliqviq http://bit.ly/2SfnUd thanks @planetrussell #gov20 #gov20camp

What if there was a public template for fundamentals of municipal government IT/data/web architecture? #gov20

@mweditor: Suburban gov pioneers are tapping Twitter to send instant alerts on everything from snow emerg to sewer back-ups http://ow.ly/20dl #gov20

Will it play in Peoria? Social media at the state and local level http://twurl.nl/c80b5p #CivSource #gov20

@moyalynne: Super interest in Government 2.0 session room 2014 — As Andrew McLaughlin concludes his session, line piles up thick at mic #w2e #gov20

@moyalynne: “We’ve always been better at managing data than innovating with data.” – Andrew McLaughlin #w2e #gov20

@moyalynne: http://twitpic.com/2s8tm – Obama ’08 by the numbers #w2e #gov20

DNI Dennis C. Blair has appointed Ms. Roslyn A. Mazer, a Justice Department Official, as Inspector General (IG) of the ODNI. #gov20

@adrielhampton: “We have 9 months to grab … as much turf as we can.” #gov20 #w2e – Clay Johnson, Sunlight Labs

@tigerbeat: Clay @cjoh of @sunlightlabs need to turn transparency from an issue into a movement-an asshole free one- so become an organizer #w2e #gov20

@adrielhampton: Clay Johnson, Sunshine Labs #w2e #gov20 – Let’s make this an asshole-free movement.

Love the idea of private sector helping redesign gov’t websites – anyone want to help us (nps.gov)? #w2e #gov20

OK, so let’s talk about Government 2.0 (or #gov20 for short): Does the non-online connected manager know what it means? #govchat

@govloop: got a few govloop laynards left for govloop rockstars. DM me ur address if u want one. packaging them up for monday mail…. #govloop

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