“Sweet GovTweets” Mon 13 April, 2009 edition

Apologies for errors in advance

@adrielhampton: Check out @govdigest, a new project by Steve Ressler (@govloop): http://govdigest.com #gov20 #opengov

@jefferyrlsmith: Check out the revamped #CivSource Online, it’ll focus on #govIT, social media #gov20 and state/local landscape http://twurl.nl/6kgg4c

@mweditor: City officials in Bellevue, Nebraska use social networking sites, Twitter to stay connected http://ow.ly/2JxO #localgov #gov20

@govwiki: Opponents protest Obama’s proposed rule by using his own Web 2.0 methods: http://bit.ly/f0tDy #gov20 http://tinyurl.com/c4p5e9

@IBMFedCyber: 10 Twitter Tips from Early Gov’t Adopters: http://twurl.nl/f0uebx – #gov20

@web20blog: Dont share best practices. Share ones which are good enough. http://tinyurl.com/dontsharebest #gov20 #gov20camp

@corbett3000: @cdorobek has audio up from interview w/ @mixtmedia @cheeky_geeky @levyj413 http://tinyurl.com/c9c9wr #gov20 #gov20camp

Interesting #gov20 questions at NDIA roundtable today. Security? Privacy? Records? Identity? Great infoshare session!

@justinherman: @henrim The effect is that the uninformed, often self-serving #Gov20 commentary is repeated by these unknowing blogs, etc, as “expert” info

@JustinHerman I’m w/ u. But what should #Gov20 do root out the fake? I feel people w/in the comm know who they are but don’t speak up

@henrim That’s the problem: #Gov20 leaders aren’t going to cocktail parties bragging about how they’re leaders – they’re behind scenes

@justinherman: @henrim People go into politics for celebrity, not the Fed gov. If someone is drawing attention to him/herself above all, they aren’t #Gov20

@justinherman: @henrim I find it ironic that alot of the nonsense I read on Twitter and blogs on #Gov20 is the exact opposite of what will actually help it

@henrim: @JustinHerman again agreed. my hesitation w/ #Gov20 they are no practicing some of that they preaching.

@henrim: @JustinHerman that being said i’m not calling for public shaming of @fakecheekygeeky or anyone else #Gov20

@justinherman: @henrim I just get the feeling sometimes that certain people think #Gov20 is going to let them know who really killed Kennedy

@ariherzog: Clicking over to the website of the U.S. Postal Service, did you hear the price of a first-class stamp is rising? http://ad.vu/aqy7 #gov20

@kyleussier: http://www.termlimits.org claims 83% think elected officials should have their terms of office limited. #gov20 http://bit.ly/ADHu5

follow #education @usedgov ED.gov | @NEBHE New England | @OhioDeptofEd Ohio | @MDECOM Minnesota | @teainfo Texas #gov20

#Gov20 Premier’s tech report touts more science grads, e-learning – Vancouver Sun http://tinyurl.com/ddllkd

: government twitter accounts reaches 600 and counting at @govsites #gov20 #government

@sradick Steve Ressler, GovLoop.com founder talks Government 2.0 next at http://gov20radio.com/ Gov 2.0 & Web 2.0 Strategy #gov20

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