“Sweet GovTweets” Tues 14 April, 2009 edition

Apologies for errors in advance:

@krazykriz: By the way, “Virtual Alabama” is an incredible use of Google Earth, if you haven’t seen it (http://twurl.nl/7qdohq) #govloop #gov20

@NASA NASA.gov is a @TheWebbyAwards nominee for best in Government. Vote once, RT more http://pv.webbyawards.com #GovLoop

@noeldickover: Lots of good articles on #gov20 #opengov RT @amandare Reading great GSA newsletter on Transparency and Open Gov http://tinyurl.com/dnbpsy

Giving away tools & knowledge of experienced DC/corp atty 2 U in very transparent ways – but I need ur help tweeple. pls RT #opengov #F2C09

@erikcecil: @TwilightEarth accountability is leverage … question is how to make it happen .. hire lawyers? open source them? #opengov

@lizrosas: @adrielhampton, we talked abt how tech isn’t enough & tech challenges, maybe pt2 can b abt biz challenges & critic. sccs fctrs #gov20 radio

@adrielhampton: Hearing sad stuff about the snake oil local govs are spending money on in the #gov20 gold rush.

@adrielhampton: @trib And so easy to crowdsource #gov20 intel due to the collaborative culture. Gov doesn’t need to compete, much, so should share liberally

@socialfeds: Social Media: A Way of Thinking – http://levyj413.wordpress.com/ @levyj413 #gov20

@maherltd: 10 Twitter Tips for the Workplace: http://bit.ly/UgNSz #newbie #gov20

@arcapriles: On Demand solution for Public Sector can be found at http://tinyurl.com/pubseccrm #gov20

@arcapriles: FOIA Compliance…Public Records Tracker http://www.foiatracker.com/ #gov20

@maherltd: It’s not rocket science, but social media is every bit as difficult as it seems: http://is.gd/ski0 RT @chrisbrogan #gov20

@arcapriles: License, permit, and fee collection systems for governments at http://fastrackgov.com/ #gov20

@arcapriles: Several hosted solutions for governments at http://tinyurl.com/govthosted #gov20

@arcapriles: Join the community, share ideas at http://www.publicsectorondemand.com/ #gov20

@redhatgov: Webinar today 2PM ET: “Transparency – Is the gov ready?” http://is.gd/slBb Speakers= GBC, @Nextgov, OMB & @JohnWonderlich #gov20 #govIT

Australians’ use and satisfaction with e-government services—2008 http://tinyurl.com/d9agz3 #cpsr #gov20

@nickcharney: How Canadians’ Use of the Internet Affects Social Life and Civic Participation http://tinyurl.com/5sx3ro #cpsr #gov20

Catch archive #gov20 podcasts w/@immunity @lizrosas @tweetcongress @mixtmedia @timoreilly & more: http://gov20radio.com

@governingpeople: Example of #gov20 blog engagement: U.S. Army Major General Daniel Elliott asks a 13-word question, gets 86 comments: http://is.gd/sn3g

@govsocmed: New Blog Post: Choosing the Right Tool for the Job http://tr.im/gl414 and http://tr.im/gsmb414 #gov20 #socmedsc

Rick Martin at #gov20boot – Issues for adoption of #gov20 : privacy, records mgt, 508, Paperwork reduction Act, procurement rules/terms

@ariherzog: Observing the U.S. Conference of Mayors (http://usmayors.org) is not on Twitter. I suppose most of its mayors aren’t either? #gov20

@arcapriles: What is CRM in government? check out www.publicsectorondemand.com #gov20

@littlerockark: please welcome Arkansas #government @Arkansasgov to the world that is Twitter. #gov20 #arkansas http://ff.im/26Zkz

@jgilliam: important open government panel today, streaming live online at 3pm ET http://is.gd/snXN #gov20

@ariherzog: General #gov20 question: I presume that NASA, EPA, DOD, SI, and selected other agencies receive more taxpayer funds than others. (1/2)

@ariherzog: If this is agreed, is there a correlation between taxpayer-funded federal agencies (a la congressional funding) & #gov20 initiatives? (2/2)

Gov doesn’t have to do it all and have all the answers, but must find partners to seek collaborative solutions #gov20boot #gov20

@krazykriz: @ariherzog Money isn’t the problem with free, open source solutions…to that end, funding moot. Wise resource allocation is key #gov20

@adrielhampton: CA State Assembly Majority Whip from San Francisco @FionaMa is on Twitter, as is City Attorney Dennis Herrera, @SFCityAttorney #gov20

@jefferyrlsmith: “Transparency is really the base level of facts and figures” – allen holmes, gov exec/ nextgov editor #gov20 #civsource

Nat’l Dialogue by NAPA is great platform to conduct other engaging conversations w/citizens (http://twurl.nl/glm2ae #gov20boot #gov20

@jefferyrlsmith: most gov’t managers don’t know if their agencies have transparency initiatives #gov20

@innogov: Library of Congress has gone YouTube http://tinyurl.com/dgch7k – feat some of 6 mil films/broadcast & sound recordings in collection #gov20

@dslunceford: Just told a PR colleague & Navy Reservist PAO that he’s slacking off, directing him to Air Force New Media Guide: http://bit.ly/dQf0H #gov20

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