“Sweet GovTweets” Sat. 28th March, 2009

Apologies in advance for errors (gov20camp stuff not included)

@you2gov: Have you seen Open Government in action complete with cutting edge Government 2.0? http://www.you2gov.com #gov20camp #opengov

@jdp23: SF Mayor @GavinNewsom blocks critics on Twitter, http://is.gd/poZ8 has more. @blogswarm @theLeagueSF @sfscribe who else? #p2 #gov20

@lyne_robichaud: @ForumAuthority Zonegrippeaviaire.com’s goal is to establish a community, and offer an information service not given by Quebec gov. #gov20

What is #gov20? Data that is usable. Empowering citizens. Bidirectional comm. Spoken hub. Concentric network.

UK’s Brixham town council is on Twitter, but clerk to send tweets from Blackberry; policy blocks staff from access #gov20 http://ow.ly/1ASD

@mweditor: @adrielhampton Thanks for commenting on blog … saw info on your Dublin SM workshop for citizens at http://ow.ly/1AWs – great idea! #gov20

@reelist: For those that tweet about gov20, it should be fedgov20 since state/local don’t participate/care. Really. That’s from the inside. #gov20

@pborviak: @reelist I am on the inside of local gov & see a lot of local gov on twitter & SM #gov20

still need feedback on web 2.0 + gov ideas – i have down a lot of the basics – what does every1 else think? www.fromthegrassroots.com #gov20

Amazing Computer Spy network 103 countries http://tinyurl.com/dl7bh9 Consider for #gov20

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