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“Sweet GovTweets” Thurs 16 April 2009 edition

Apologies for errors in advance:

@faheyr: Open Government on the Internet: A New Era of Transparency http://is.gd/suVQ – Looks interesting. Hope it will be streamed #opengov

@socialfeds: OpenSecrets.org Opens 20 Years Worth of Campaign Finance Data: http://tinyurl.com/dzouxx #opengov

Social Media Marketing Plan for Our Clients << Ruralamericaonshore’s Blog http://ow.ly/30Ua #gov20

@cheeky_geeky: Researchers say social media essential for national security – http://bit.ly/2Gt2Ii (expand) – nice article by @gnagesh on #gov20

@Lyne_Robichaud: @SophieLabelle @PhilippeMartin Tout ce qui alimente ce mythe ajoute bâtons supplémentaires dans roues des goverati qui plaident pour #gov20.

@krazykriz: Tag cloud representation of Gov Tweets by @NextGov: http://twurl.nl/5b721v (expand) #gov20 #govloop

Any Austin #gov20 folks going to this? (Free conference!) http://tinyurl.com/cnyxpo (expand)

@web20blog: Whitehouse top 100 Open for Questions in Google Maps http://tinyurl.com/questionsmap (expand) #gov20 #gov20camp

@MaherLtd: Wondering about managing user comments? See this post about how the White House could moderate: http://tr.im/iWk5 #gov20 RT @ariherizog

@meznor: Not sure I agree with the like/dislike system. RT @MaherLtd How can White House manage comments? http://tr.im/iWk5 #gov20 via @ariherizog

@cath_sitterding: @cheeky_geeky @linwells your paper is written up in FCW today! http://cli.gs/gSdpWT #gov20 #goverati

Seminal Event: OpenSecrets.org opens 20 years of standardized, categorized data: http://bit.ly/xFf2u (expand) RT @EllnMllr @GregElin #gov20

It is both fascinating and pathetic that comments on @technosailor’s blog have become a #gov20 circus. See for yourself: http://tr.im/iXSl

: This is a WAY cool interactive platform for understanding the structure of the U.S. Government (from NetAge) -> http://is.gd/d2am (expand) #gov20

@adrianshort: RT @digitaleng: Ten top Twitter tips for councils — a best practice guide http://tinyurl.com/canxw8 (expand) #gov20

@amandare: Blog Post: Up, up, and away! 5 Tips to Launching an Internal Network http://tr.im/sms0416 or http://tr.im/gl0416 #gov20 (via @GovSocMed)

@lostonroute66: Presenting Twitter to your organization. http://bit.ly/UiwE8 (expand) #gov20
@ Joab_Jackson: RT @timoreilly: Practical tips … on increasing findability of govt web sites http://bit.ly/qFqH0 (expand) #gov20

@LibertyRus: US GSA & Equifax show “first government demonstration of I-Card” @ Monday’s #RSAC #Identity Workshop http://tinyurl.com/cgx7g2 (expand) #egov #gov20

RT @SFCityAttorney Find online [San Francisco] government services here: http://tinyurl.com/46xu76 (expand) #gov20

Very nice, long post about why and how the Air Force is embracing and utilizing social media: http://is.gd/sMVD (expand) #gov20

@ariherzog: @JustinHerman Perhaps everyone has their own definition of #gov20. I don’t see it as people. I see it as abstract concepts.

@JustinHerman: @ariherzog Either way, healthy critique/support of #Gov20 will continue – hopefully the new ‘experts’ will think harder before they exploit

@JustinHerman I differentiate #gov20 and the so-called goverati. You don’t?

@ariherzog: @JustinHerman ariherzog: @JustinHerman #gov20 is Government 2.0. A version. An idea. A proposal. Not a collection of people. It’s like MS Word 2003 vs a developer.

@JustinHerman: @ariherzog If you personally brand yourself to be this #goverati, but say #Gov20 “isn’t about people,” who DO you want people to see you as?

@ariherzog I don’t see the correlation – #Goverati seem to be people desperate to be SEEN as leaders of #Gov20, not the actual practitioners

@JustinHerman Simple: If you look up “#Gov20” in a dictionary, I don’t want you to see me. If you look me up, you may see “#Gov20.” Get it?

@JustinHerman: @ariherzog I got it alright, a while ago – latching onto other’s ‘Pop #Gov20 buzzwords’ enough to get noticed, but not be accountable for it

@ariherzog: @JustinHerman As @adrielhampton can attest since I’ve argued with him countless times, I never liked the hashtag #gov20

@ariherzog: @JustinHerman I only use #gov20 (and terms like goverati) because folks I’m trying to connect with understand and use them.

@JustinHerman: @ariherzog I hear you – versioning the web and gov as #Gov20 etc is a shortcut to thinking that is convenient for selling services

@JustinHerman: @ariherzog And Ari, m’man, if the world is in versions, and there’s a #Gov20 above, then #Goverati is the Vista version 😉

@JustinHerman: @ariherzog Now that its established that #Gov20 is dead & fluid innovation lives – which is stating the obvious to most – how’s the weather?

I’ve got a great replacement for #Gov20, but its kind of crazy: #Gov – because we know its evolving, and debating versions is worthless

Just following the #Gov20 hashtag, its become clear that some “needle movers” have recognized that the game/’exclusive’ playground is done

@socialfeds: RT @gwynnek: Did you see ondotgov? What Is Gov Tweeting About? http://tinyurl.com/cjp3ag (expand) #gov20

@worthwhilefilms: Minnesota #gov20 tweeters, @PiPress is looking for you: http://cli.gs/MNgov20

@wethegoverati: David Plouffe on managing Obama grassroots campaign: successful bc everything was open – except strategic decision making. Is this #gov20?

@levyj413: Know about a social media event? Share it on the @govsocmed wiki (open to all to edit) http://twurl.nl/v10bsd (expand) #gov20

What’s the real ROI in #gov20 speaking/training? See here: http://twurl.nl/x210re (expand) #govloop

White Paper – A CIO’s Playbook for Adopting the Scrum Method of Achieving Software Agility | Rally Software http://ow.ly/33ee #gov20

World Bank Open API 2.0 launched: http://is.gd/q5XX (expand) rich repository of global economic data for free consumption (via @jstodgill) #gov20

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