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“Sweet GovTweets” – Wednesday 25th March, 2009 edition

Apologies for errors in advance:

Social Media & Govt’s conference #ALI

@johnstauffer: Great post from @kellyobrien about the vibe in room this versus last during the Social Media & Govt’s confr #ali http://tinyurl.com/czzdcd

@mbado: Use enterprise 2.0 to connect people, information and ideas– breaking down those “cylinders of excellence” #ali

@kellyobrien: #ali BAH’s Christy Cunningham: “cylinders of excellence” – a more pc way to describe organizational silos

@kellyobrien: #ali #ali csquaredmoxie hello.bah.com includes blogs, wikis, forums, bookmarks, communities and people

@johnstauffer: new post: video interview with Air Force Captain talking about AF monitoring to the conversation on twitter http://tinyurl.com/cojn8w #ali

@krazykriz: @corbett3000 just said that “Apps for Democracy” is up for an award from the UN…congrats in advance! #ali #gov20 #govloop

@mbado: DC’s Apps for Democracy saw a 5000% ROI #ali

@kellyobrien: #ali @corbett3000 @kachok Apps for Democracy: marketing budget = $433 on Facebook using social ad targeting

@johnstauffer: Apps for Democracy used targeted Facebook ads to encourage developers to participate. Used programing, developer keywords in profile #ali

@mbado: WordPress-the ultimate content management system! #ali

@mbado: Use enterprise 2.0 to connect people, information and ideas– breaking down those “cylinders of excellence” #ali

Wow, @corbett3000 just demoed Park It DC app SO useful for trying to park in DC #ali http://tinyurl.com/5lxmbx

@webtechman: Who is blogging about #sesny ? Guy Kawasaki’s Twitter Talk there? http://www.searchenginestrategies.com/newyork/ #ali

@johnstauffer: @corbett3000 govt should be a data publishing platform, let private developers mashup the info #ali

@johnstauffer: next up at the Social Media & Government confr: National Foundation for Credit Counseling. (these dudes must be really busy nowadays) #ali

@johnstauffer: video isn’t working, mic feedback blasting the room = wheels are coming off the Advanced Learning Institute’s conference #ali

@johnstauffer: www.debtadvice.org – National Foundation for Credit Counseling’s now really populr consumer site #ali

@moiramcg: Listening to B. Zeitlin at #ali. Just because you are on YouTube doesn’t mean you are doing social media.

@johnstauffer: we’re talking about the social media news release, lots of note taking going on. #ali

@kellyobrien: #ali feds, increase your YouTube ROI – go viral via video distribution hubs, e.g., livevideo.com, viddler.com, metacafe.com, crackle.com

@kellyobrien: #ali http://www.nfcc.org campaign staffed by 1.5 internal FTEs + 2 external staff

@kellyobrien: #ali are blogger media tours the new satellite media tour?

@johnstauffer: we’re watching a scary video from EPA about Radon in your home. www.epa.gov/radon #ali

@moiramcg: Now up: putting your audience to work with social media. EPA’s Radon Video Contest. #ali

@johnstauffer: EPA began using groups pages on Youtube rather than branded contest page due to zero budget, asked public to create Radon awareness ad #ali

@krazykriz: Great presentation right now by Jeremy Ames at #ali conference in DC: EPA Radon Video Project, found on #govloop at http://twurl.nl/hbudns

@moiramcg: YouTube groups are free and good for DIY video contests. #ali

@krazykriz: Did u know Arlington Memorial Bridge emerged from artistic design contest? Used as legal precedent for EPA Radon Video Project (J Ames) #ali

@mbado: Feds CAN offer monetary prize using tax dollars based on 1927 contest to design Mem Bridge. Boils down to something that enhances #ali

@johnstauffer: EPA: vast majority of video contest entries came int the last 48 hours. Lesson learned: don’t move your submission deadline #ali

@krazykriz: EPA Radon Video Contest:Thought for future-use a Digg-like ability to vote up or down…real-time results and buzz.! Great job, Jeremy! #ali

@socialbttrfly: @johnstauffer What was the response or the gov’t case study for the social media release? Gratzi! #ali

@johnstauffer: @SocialBttrfly no specific case but lots of questions about the difference between traditional #ali

@johnstauffer: New blog post: how the EPA used an 80 year-old bridge to launch a social media video contest. #ali #gov20 http://tinyurl.com/co6hfc

@johnstauffer: overheard in gov’t brainstorming workshop “What should our message be?” answer: “We’re from the government and we’re here to help” #ali

@johnstauffer: US Small Business Administration coming up next #ali

@ariherzog: 40% of SCORE volunteers (within the SBA program) are non-retired business owners. #ali

Average soundbite: 27 words, 9 seconds, 3 key messages. #ali

@kellyobrien: #ali SBA’s @ptc_cto_sba @bienko: 5 hits/second hackers trying to bridge their systems – huge target

@ariherzog: Up now at #ali from the US Small Business Administration: @bienko and @ptc_cto_sba (talking about #gov20 and using Sharepoint.

@ariherzog: @ptc_cto_sba providing overview of @businessgov (http://business.gov) now – calling it ‘the business gateway’ and as a sandbox #ali #gov20

: we’re checking out business.gov and talking about its evolution #ali

@johnstauffer: All 25 gov’t agencies receiving recovery money are required to create their own recovery website for transparency e.g. sba.gov/recovery #ali

@johnstauffer: main Recovery.gov website will use feeds to pull content from the agencies receiving stimulus money #ali

@johnstauffer: checking out the Small Business Watchdog – US Small Business Administration’s blog http://tinyurl.com/ckb3sc #ali

average age of the SBA employee is 58 years old!! #ali Average age.

@web20blog: Paul Christy, CTO at SBA seems very willing to embrace experiment, learn and fix to find what works. #web20 #ali

@kellyobrien: #ali @ptc_cto_sba’s advice for feds getting started: get governance right, create internal web2.0 teams, experiment+empower

@kellyobrien: #ali SBA’s @ptc_cto_sba @bienko: great example of IT leadership playing nice with others!

@johnstauffer: Steve Ressler of @govloop kicking it off now, checking out govloop.com #ali “you can join, as long as you’re not evil”

@ariherzog: By a raise of hands, about 20% of #ali attendees are members of http://govloop.com. Steve Ressler (@govloop’s founder) speaking now. #gov20

@krazykriz: Steve Ressler (@govloop) rockin’ the house at #ali conference…explaining how he built #govloop from the ground up

@mbado: Steve Ressler on now at #ali. govloop using inexpensive socnet tchnology, ning.com #govloop

@johnstauffer: govloop is a great network, wondering if I can pull in existing posts from my blog into the govloop network on Ning #ali #govloop

@lauragatning: @johnstauffer You can pull in content via RSS (http://tinyurl.com/ca4ldq) #ali #govloop

@moiramcg: @Govloop is fb for gov. #ali

@mixtmedia: @govloop speaking #ALI about history of GovLoop. Great case study. Great speaker. If you’re not on GovLoop, get on! http://govloop.com

: Govloop founder Steve Ressler (and DHS IT employee) asked if he can access his own network while at work, caused a round of laughter #ali

@moiramcg: How do you balance structure v non-structure on social networking sites? Via @govloop #ali

@ariherzog: @cheeky_geeky is the Mashable etc blogger – Mark Drapeau – who @govloop just mentioned at #ali for helping to increase hits.

@johnstauffer: Using 50 Cent’s Ning network as an example of a huge network. Not sure everyone in this gov’t conference knows who we’re talking about #ali

@kellyobrien: #ali #govloop @govloop: wanting to reach more academic and international audiences – pass it on!

@mixtmedia: Steve Ressler rocks. No idea how he finds the time for @govloop AND works for DHS. Social media is time consuming. #ALI #gov20 #govloop

@kellyobrien: #ali #govloop #gov20: Steve Ressler @govloop embodies “social” and “network” – he IS the change he’s trying to create through GovLoop

@johnstauffer: Eli Singer from Entrinsic taking the stage now. #ali

@kellyobrien: #ali #govloop #gov20 White House using 3rd party platforms for crowd sourcing http://tiny.cc/pBIZ6

@ariherzog: Watching tail end of #ali consultant Eli Singer talk about #gov20 best practices of Toronto Transit; …but @elisinger is inactive?

@krzykriz: @elisinger talking about Visible Government in Canada at #ali: http://visiblegovernment.ca/

@ariherzog: In cahoots with @elisinger, Victoria Isley of iStrategy showing how economic development promotes tourism via http://shareyourdc.com #ali

@ariherzog: #ali watchers should visit http://mashable.com and search for a few-months-old story by @royalantsjosh about 40+ business uses of facebook

@royalantsjosh: @ariherzog thanks including my article, here’s a link to it if you’d like http://cli.gs/mHePTe #ali

@johnstauffer: The very first twisitor (visitor) center – Travel Portland @travelportland #ali

@maherltd: Like: Thinking a la Twisiter Center! good philosophy/branding for audience engagement environment #ali

Destination DC says way too many tourists drive to mall, walk around for three hours, and think “we’ve done dc” need to change percep #ali

@ariherzog: Do you know that @govwiki will auto-retweet anything with the #gov20 tag? Do #ali folks know this? Maybe you want to follow @govwiki?

Non #ali

@govsites: GSA signs agreement for agencies to use YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, blip.tv http://tinyurl.com/cy6y9p #gov20 #government #opengov

@silanthia: UK government propose online comms and social media be taught in elementary school. THIS is culture change. http://bit.ly/akyt7 #gov20

@sairy: The White House is Open for Questions! (w00t Katie, Macon, & all) http://www.whitehouse.gov/openforquestions/ #opengov #gov20 #p2

@mindblink: Holy Cow, The White House Has a Digg Clone (log on and start voting!) http://bit.ly/LUaR1 (via @rww) #gov20

@mindblink: Hmm…. wide range between leading, advocacy questions and thoughtful articulate quest. in the WH openquestions. http://bit.ly/LUaR1 #gov20

@planetrussel: In UK, Calls to shut down Google Street View. http://tr.im/hLDJ – Up next?: Opacity Camp – #tcamp09 #Opengov #gov20

@jonahhorowitz: @craignewmark @sliona I think you two are on the same wavelength re: #opengov and the #leagueoftechnicalvoters

@adrielhampton: Let’s take this country back for the little people: http://tinyurl.com/endusary #gov20 #CA10 #pilife #opengov #p2 PLZ RT

@govloop: How Long Will It Take Gov 2.0 to Go Mainstream? http://bit.ly/apizF #govloop #gov20 #opengov

@mweditor: Hillary Clinton pushes e-diplomacy at State Department, inviting citizens to “text the secretary” #gov20 http://ow.ly/1nF2

@ccwriter: @MWEditor My blog on how the British Foreign Office does it better [than Clinton] #gov20 http://ow.ly/1nOi

@socialfeds: Week in DC Tech: March 23rd Edition: http://tinyurl.com/cee9w5 #gov20camp #gov20

@adriel4congress: Next edition of #gov20 radio is w/@dslunceford, featuring @tweetcongress. Sunday 2/5.

@adrielhampton: http://localgov20.com crushed with traffic. If you want to guest post original #gov20 or socmed stuff, e-mail it to [email protected]

Awesome #CA10 coverage: http://bit.ly/IroE “Twitter: The 5 a.m. Way to Campaign When You Have a Day Job” #p2 #gov20

Online democracy/civic software jumps 2 oceans to India – http://barcamp.org/iDemocracyCamp #gov20

: Hey #gov20 crowd, what are your thoughts on www.ohmygov.com ?

: White House is using “Google Moderator” to host Gov2.0 initiative, “Open For Questions” on the economy. http://is.gd/oNBZ #gov20

@webtechman: Twitterers add real time reactions to Obama’s speech w/ social media tools. http://tinyurl.com/twitterOspeak #gov2Ocamp #gov20

@mweditor: City of Wichita proposes tech studio to help citizens fully use IT, assisting with devices, FB, YouTube, Twitter #gov20 http://ow.ly/1ng0

@bashley: #gov20 is still a teetering toddler flapping toward the sun. Big goals. Let’s revel in our wobbly innocence while it lasts!

@bashley: In rolling with euphoria of #gov20 practice, do we underestimate our role as shoulderers of a vast burden?

@meznor: @bashley I think if we don’t recognize we’re optimists, we’re blinded by realities facing organizations trying to implement #gov20 tools

@meznor Touche! Good point. Optimism and realism a tightrope to walk. #gov20

@bashley: For many of we #gov20 types, #socialmedia is a trusty old dog under our hand. Comforting.

@todd_richardson: Can Enterprise Social Networking Pay Off? By internetevolution.com: http://bit.ly/GprI #gov20

@ed_dodds: Could XBRL Revolutionize Financial Reporting? http://tinyurl.com/cxqqe8 #xbrl #medbanking #gov20

@sarahebourne: #women2follow in Massachusetts state government @noramann and @jesswma #gov20

Social Media Subcouncil: How should we collaborate? New blog @GovLoop http://ow.ly/1pkE #socmedsc #gov20

@socialfeds: @afpaa Reading about the new ‘New Media and the Air Force’ book. Where can I get a copy? #gov20 http://tinyurl.com/dbem2s

@iscool: gov 2.0 blog – mayraruiz.com – #IsCool blog about #Gov20 http://ow.ly/1pls (also @marketingMisfit)

@jnwilliams76: Regarding 10 Rare HTML Tags You Really Should Know | Would pages still be Sec. 508 compliant with these tags? | http://is.gd/oDTT | #gov20

@planetrussel: Measuring #Gov20 via Web “1.0” – Fine post from @KrazyKriz on gettin’ real about website analysis http://tr.im/hMS9

@silanthia: From WaPo: You too can find out if your metro is delayed. Engaging customers with 2.0 FTW http://bit.ly/M8Tj #gov20

@mweditor: Information held = power. Information dispersed = empowerment #gov20

@Ninety7: If you need any help on the social media breakout, I have been following the GOV perspective. | #stc09 | #gov20

@immunity: Technically Speaking: What to Expect at Government 2.0 Camp http://ow.ly/1q1y #gov20camp #gov20

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