Tagging people with attributes?

Does anyone know if there is a way to add “tags” to people (either have others tag them and/or add tags to themselves) and then be able to such for people via those tags?

I would love to be able to search for expertise on some subject and have that seach narrowed down by attribute/skill tags.

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David Dejewski

This is a great idea. I think it’s something that we intuitively do in real life, don’t we? Tags like “full of hot air,””pretty cool,””funny,””rising star,” etc. come to mind right away. Ha!

I see a danger as I write this though. I’m not sure I’d want other people to see some of the tags I’ve assigned them. Tag combinations like “Boss” and “blowhard” (mine is not) are not good for career longevity.

Amy Bell

Hi Timothy,

I started a Discussion called GovLoop Functionality, a call out for feedback and suggestions to enhance GovLoop’s abilities as a networking tool. You might want to add this over there. Or maybe I can figure out a way to point people here. I’ll try that.

Timothy Chaevz

@Amy, what is the link to your Functionality discussion… I’ll be glad to add this thought there as well. @David, Ha! Yeah certain tags might not be productive; however, my thought was purely an attempt at adding some means to quickly find “crowd sourcing” possibilities. (Might be interesting if you could make tags private and/or public… hmmmm… or personal.)

Amy Bell

Member Search would be good for trying to find people with similar interests… I know I myself have done that. I did it to invite people who are interested in Human Services to my Human Services group… but then I found I can’t invite people to my group unless they are a Friend… I wish that weren’t the case… I’d like to friend people after discussing things with them, like might happen in the group.

I believe Timothy was enquiring about the discussion in which people are suggesting enhancements to the way GovLoop is set up… So far, no, Timothy, I am not officially forwarding them on to anyone.. Right now I’m passively gathering the suggestions, then at some point hopefully someone would see them, or I would send someone like Steve a link to the discussion when it seemed full of good enhacement requests.