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Talk at City Forum in Austin This Thursday: Trends in E-participation

I’ll be talking about “e-democracy: New Trends in On-line Public Deliberation” at City Forum in Austin this week:

City Forum is a planning and urban issues speaker series hosted by the Community and Regional Planning Student Organization (CRPSO) and the Community and Regional Planning Program (CRP) at the University of Texas at Austin. The bi-weekly speakers series is intended to broaden the curriculum in the CRP program by presenting the experiences, perspectives, and insights of scholars, community leaders, practicing planners, and policy makers who engage in timely issues.

From the event announcement:

In a world where citizens are more connected than ever before through the technologies and networks that permeate our lives, decision makers, planners, and public participation professionals are increasingly engaging with innovative participation strategies that harness the passion and skillsets of communities with the power and reach of the internet. Hundreds of e-participation tools are now available across the web, but how can decision makers select an appropriate tool for a given project or process? How can these tools be used responsibly, in order to maximize the availability of high-quality information to constituents while eliciting high-quality input and results for decision makers?

For those in the area, the talk will be held over lunch on Thursday, March 8, 2012 at 11am, Goldsmith Lecture Hall (GOL 3.120). Hope to see you there!

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