TAYLOR Swift VMA Video – Oh this makes me mad

Taylor Swift just showed how a lady reacts to someone acting crazy. This just happened a little while ago.


Kanye Taylor Swift VMA Outburst
Source: www.youtube.com
Kanye West takes mic from Taylor Swift after she beats front runners Beyonce and Lady Gaga for Best Female Video 2009

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Kristen A. Ingram Shelton

Maybe, next year when Kayne is filing chapter 11–perhaps Taylor will send a thank you card to his cardboard box for helping sky-rocket her already on fire career.

Brock Webb

What I found to be interesting is that 300k twitter posts were made within the first hour after the event. I wonder if future events over the next year will be measured in twitter units lol

Amanda Blount

To Kristen – Yep, he is an attention hog, and he will lose his career for stuff like this.

Steve – TS lives here in TN, and she does all kids of stuff for the state. She is our girl of the moment. She is such a sweetheart. Of this makes me mad. Let me get Dolly Pardon, Lorreta Lynn, and Gretchen Wilson, and us redneck girls will go kick some West.

Charlie – Yes, Beyounce was a class act.

Brock – THAT IS cute!!! LOL Twitter units! You should patent that! 🙂