Technology of the Information in the Legislative of Fortaleza

Since 1997 the House uses the World Net of Computers–Internet for popularization of your Legislative works. Being used of simple resources and of low cost, we got to transmit the Sessions Plenary, live, guaranteeing to the citizen the possibility to accompany him/it day by day of your parliamentarian.

I Begin it: In a change in the Plenary session of the old thirst, it was resolved the physical change of the support team to the plenary session, shorthand and annals, being built a separation through a wall. That caused the difficulty in the accompaniment of the sessions for this team, that was solved with the placement of a system of closed circuit of tv. It was a simple system that possessed 3 (three) webcam and the audio was captured through the table of sound of the plenary session.

The Innovation: leaving of the equipment already installed, in meeting with the presidency of the house, I suggested the purchase of a computer with plate of video capture for transmission of the sessions for Internet.

First Conference Interlegis and IV ENIAL–I Find National of Applied Computer science to the Legislative, in Salvador (NANNY): tends the house been selected to show your computerized systems, we were installed in a conference room where we had a tied Computer Internet, a linked Projector to the Computer in a mini-auditorium, together with several Legislative Houses, as the one of Sergipe, Rio de Janeiro, among others. All these houses were showing the developed softwares and in use for the same ones, we decided then to place in the screen the session plenary, live, that was happening on that moment in Fortaleza. All there presents will be stunned and many didn’t believe to be a transmission live of Fortaleza to Salvador. In a phone call, through my cellular one, I communicated that the session was being attended in the auditorium of the center of savior’s conventions, and our president, at that time, Alderman José Maria Couto, congratulated the presents, what was registered for it historizes it of Fortaleza in the annals of this legislative house.

The Cost: with the closed circuit of tv that had been acquired already, we had the purchase of a Microcomputer, the use of the link of 64 Kbps and the software Microsoft Windows Server of Microsoft (Free).

Today: The House possesses the Tv Fortaleza, that is transmitted by the tv net to cable net of our city, through the channel 6, and we continued capturing the sign directly of the studios of the tv and showing all the programming for Internet through our site

Suggestions to Interlegis: In meeting with the representative of Interlegis and of Bid, in Fortaleza, I suggested that the parents’ Legislative Houses were endowed with closed circuits of tv and microcomputer with plate of video capture for transmission of the sessions for Internet, using the equipments of the Headquarters of Interlegis, in the greeting and it shows of the audio sign and video for Brazil and the World for Internet. A Project of Low Cost and of fundamental importance to show the legislative actions to the Brazilian People.

It is logged more this suggestion;

By Francisco Cavalcante–CIO of CMF / Operador Interlegis.
E-mail: [email protected]

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Tanya Hilleary


This is very interesting. Do you have any viewership metrics yet? What has been the public response?

Tanya Hilleary

F. Cavalcante

Respected Tanya Hilleary;

A master plan of Computer science that I elaborated after study of the several departments of the House am proceeding. We have been obtaining National and International recognition and we served as model for several organs in Brazil.
We are always supplying lectures in several events of technology of the information, and today we received the information that we were selected as finalists for the prize IT Leaders 2009, accomplished by the magazine Computerworld.
It is very gratifying to know that are contributing to a more transparent society.
Serving as communication link between the People and the Legislative Power of Fortaleza.

F. Cavalcante – CIO of CMF