TfL tackles Oyster overcharges

Transport for London (UK) has implemented a system to reduce overcharging passengers who forget to scan their Oyster cards at the end of their rail trip. Currently, pay-as-you-go customers are charged the maximum fare of £7.90 if they don’t tap off. The new system will estimate the correct fare based on previous travel patterns and adjust the fare accordingly. Customers who registered their cards online will receive an email notification of the refund, which they can pick up the next time they use their regular station. “We don’t want to penalize customers who normally touch in and out for occasionally forgetting,” said director of fares and ticketing Shashi Verma in a statement. “For such customers, we are looking at ways of correcting journeys that have been left open without a final touch at the destination.” TfL estimates that about 1,500 passengers a day will benefit from this new feature. According to BBC News, mistakes at fare gates cost customers £60 million last year.

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