Thank You, Govies: A Gratitude Roundup to Keep You Going Through the Shutdown

Working for the government can be challenging enough on a normal day—and the current prolonged government shutdown is far from normal. Right now, hundreds of thousands of federal government employees and contractors are either working without pay or furloughed. While thank yous won’t pay the bills, simply knowing that people are grateful can help govies deal with shutdown stress.

Here’s a roundup of just some of the abundant gratitude people have been sharing on social media since the shutdown began.

Leave your own thank yous in the comments, and we’ll share with our community.

Thanks for your courage

Thanks for your commitment

As “non-essential” federal workers complied with stop work orders, people began to notice their absence in public parks, at national monuments, in research labs, in hospitals, at conferences, and in offices and workplaces around the country—and were grateful to those compelled to work during the shutdown.

Thanks for protecting travelers

Because they are considered “essential” staff, most TSA employees have been working hard without pay, even during the busy holiday travel season. Again and again, people went out of their way to give thanks to TSA workers for all they did to keep airports secure.

Thanks for keeping us safe

The National Weather Service is one of the agencies that continues to work on “mission-essential functions” during the government shutdown. As winter storms worked their way across the United States, people sang the praises of NWS staff working without pay.

Simply, thank you

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