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Inspiring Federal Employee Job Satisfaction Success

Among the top 10 predictors of federal job satisfaction are whether supervisors promote employee health and safety, instill trust and confidence in their workers, help employees achieve professional goals, and encourage work-life balance.

Driving Innovation and Compliance: Why AI-Powered Automation Is Crucial for Federal Data Management Strategies

Data management has become a critical aspect of operations across the federal government in the digital age. The sheer volume of data generated daily requires efficient and effective management tools. Enter artificial intelligence (AI)-powered automation, a catalyst for enhanced data management and governance in government.

Federal Hybrid Work Environments Require a New Approach for Secure Collaboration

While the movement for the federal workforce to return to office continues, agencies must have a collaboration infrastructure that is flexible, scalable, interoperating, resilient and secure to ensure strategic mission readiness.

Sunshine Week 2023, Part 1: What Does Government Transparency Look Like in 2023?

Sunshine Week, March 12-18, is an annual event honoring the idea that government functions best when it operates in the open. Here’s Part 1 in a series of posts about the state of federal transparency in 2023.