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Thank you to NCDD’s latest new & renewed members!

2012 has been a wonderful year so far for NCDD. We’re celebrating 10 years working with this amazing community and preparing for our 5th national conference in Seattle. We’re also continuing to grow, welcoming more new members and seeing many existing members show their support by renewing and even upgrading their memberships.

We wanted to recognize and thank the nearly 100 groups and leaders who have joined, renewed, and upgraded their membership in the last few months. They are…

Organizational Members

  • Orton Family Foundation Ariana McBride
  • Extraordinary Trainers Julia Kyriss (Main Contact)
  • USARiseUp.com Janice Ellis
  • IAP2 USA Jeanna Hall & Conni Ingallina
  • Youth LEAD Janet Penn
  • E-Democracy.org Steven Clift
  • Innovation Partners International Christine Sanchez
  • Community Forums Network Carrie Shaw
  • Natural Resources Leadership Institute Mary Lou Addor
  • The CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution Kim Pearce
  • Interactivity Foundation Dennis Boyer

Sustaining Members

  • Beatrice Briggs Director, International Institute for Facilitation and Consensus
  • Linda Welsh Professor, Austin Community College
  • Mary Gelinas Managing Director, Gelinas James, Inc.
  • Peter Shively Outreach & Projects Administrator, Interactivity Foundation
  • Philip Neisser Professor and Chair, SUNY Potsdam, Department of Politics
  • Joel Mills Director, AIA – Center for Communities By Design
  • Juli Fellows Independent Organizational Consultant, Austin Group Specialists

Supporting Members

  • Susanna Lyons MA Candidate, Inst. for Resources, Environment & Sustainability, Univ. of BC
  • Larry Raskin Capacity Building Leader, MacroSys Research and Technology
  • Jack Orr Professor of Communication Studies, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
  • John Stephens Coordinator or Asst. Professor, School of Gov. at the Univ. of NC at Chapel Hill
  • Alice Mann Bradford, MA
  • Elizabeth Mahaffy Mediator
  • Alan Rollins Tallahassee, FL
  • Karen Kleinz Associate Director, National School Public Relations Association
  • Madeline Maxwell Professor, University of Texas at Austin
  • Bruce Waltuck President and Publisher, Freethinc. . .For A Change
  • Mia Oxley Mediator / Facilitator, Oxley Consulting & Mediation
  • Mattice Haynes The Art of Community, LLC
  • Deborah Goldblatt Director, The World Café Community Foundation
  • Samuel Gerszonowicz Founder and Principal, Gerszon Associates
  • Dale Godby Member, Group Analytic Practice of Dallas
  • Stephanie Tansey Director, Earth Charter Communities Network
  • Shara Pavlow Instructor and Ph.D. Candidate, Univ. of Miami’s School of Communication
  • Lucas Cioffi Founder, OnlineTownhalls.com
  • Ronny Barkay Los Angeles, CA
  • David Kimball Internal Financial Consultant, Raytheon
  • Charlie Pillsbury Executive Director, Mediators Beyond Borders
  • Carol Chetkovich Professor, Mills College’s Public Policy Program
  • Robin Postel Founder, Transformational Learning for Individuals and Organizations
  • Cynthia Farrar CEO and Executive Producer, Purple States
  • Mark Simon Principal Consultant, Storywalkers Consulting Group
  • Robin Williams Principal, J. Williams Group
  • Nancy Hess Consultant & Owner, N.J. Hess Associates
  • Les Brunswick Chatsworth, CA
  • Amelia Shaw President, Amelia Shaw Consulting
  • Polly Riddims Partner and Director, Fusion Partnerships
  • Jim Smith Senior Public Information Officer, Bay Area Air Quality Management District
  • Janette Hartz-Karp 21st Century Dialogue & Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Inst.
  • Josh O’Conner Editor and Webmaster, LocalPlan.org
  • John Inman Doctoral Student in Human & Organization Systems, Fielding Graduate University
  • David Messerschmidt Principal, Public Affairs Media Group
  • John Fenner Program Director, Center for Courage & Renewal
  • Jan Inglis Director and Professor, Integrative Learning Institute
  • Rosa Donoso Architect and Urban Planner, Delft University of Technology
  • Martin Rutte President, Livelihood, Inc.
  • Sarah Read President, The Communications Center, Inc.
  • Tree Bressen Eugene, OR

Student Members

  • Katie Behel Graduate Student, University of Oregon
  • Priya Sawhney Pleasant Hill, CA
  • Anne Weiss Graduate Assistant in Civic Engagement, Indiana Univ. & Purdue Univ. Indianapolis
  • Laura Keir Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, Univ. of Vermont


And finally, the following are all brand new Members of NCDD…

  • Charlotte Pollard Santa Fe, NM
  • Duna Bayley Senior Strategist in Engagment and Inclusion, Government of Alberta
  • Maria deBruijn Founder, Emerge Solutions, Inc.
  • Kristin Kurtz Santa Fe, NM
  • Ron Laures Rockford, IL
  • Rita Alfred Co-founder and Practitioner, Restorative Justice Training Institute
  • DeAnne Butterfield Executive Director, Boulder County Civic Forum
  • Timothy Lange Mill Creek Canyon Fire Safe Council & Inland Empire Fire Safe Alliance
  • Julie Beckley Senior Community Housing Planner, City of Rochester
  • Norlyn Dimmitt Broker and Owner, Connection-Realty
  • Chloe Kanas Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, Public Conversations Project
  • Mary Agard President, Mary Berryman Agard & Associates
  • Peter Hardie Executive Director, Campaign for Stronger Democracy
  • Susan Woods Partner, Henderson Woods, LLC
  • Donald Proby San Francisco, CA
  • Ivi Brown Amnesty and Member, University of Texas
  • Joseph Kathuku Regional Coordinator, Peace and Development Network Trust – Kenya
  • Sara Raffo Clark University, Higgins School of Humanities / Difficult Dialogues Initiative
  • Douglas Davis Deputy for Small Business Programs, US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Dave Pollard Founder, After Us the Dragons
  • Tiffany von Emmel Founder, Dreamfish
  • Ashleigh Weeden Ariss, ON Canada
  • Patrick Maxwell Intern, Co-Intelligence Institute
  • Katie Grimm New Brunswick, NJ
  • Dominic Osei Adjunct Member, International Who’s Who of Professionals

Join their ranks

If you’re already an NCDD member, you can upgrade or renew your membership here. And if you’re new to NCDD, you can join (and learn more about membership) at www.ncdd.org/join. You can join as a non-dues-paying Member, or you can support the Coalition by joining as an Organizational, Sustained, Supporting, or Student Member.

Learn more about everyone who’s part of the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation in our online Members Network.

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