Thank you to our latest Scholarship Fund donors!

We’re wrapping up the first week of our scholarship fund drive for the 2012 NCDD conference and want to thank our latest contributers for your generosity!

Our goal is to raise $15,000 from our community to help people from diverse backgrounds make it to NCDD Seattle who may not otherwise be able to join us. We’ve raised $2,525 so far, so we still have a ways to go, so please help out at whatever level you’re able to, at

Our latest contributors:

Michael Shannon, president of the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation, contributed $250, graciously saying that “NCDD is doing extremely important work” and sharing “dialogue & deliberation is essential for assuring our future as a viable, productive, and just nation.” Thank you for the kind words, Michael.

Cherry Muse, president of the Public Conversations Project, made a personal contribution of $100, adding that she thinks “bringing along the next generation of practitioners is essential to our field, and to ourselves, if we’re to stay intellectually alive. It’s a real win/win.”

Contributing $50 each were John Backman, principal of The Dialogue Venture, and Les Ihara, Hawaii State Senate, State Senator. John, also a member of the NCDD board, added…

The more I hear about the Seattle conference, the more it sounds like an extraordinary event–perhaps even a catalyst or turning point for our field. So many people may find this invaluable to their practice and their thinking, and I’d hate to think that financial considerations kept them away. I just wish I could contribute more!

Please visit today and contribute what you can to help us build a strong scholarship fund. Scholarships serve to increase diversity among conference participants. We plan to use the scholarship funds we’re able to collect to assist young people and those with lower incomes with registration and lodging costs. We’d also like to use some scholarship funds to help get public administrators with tight budgets to the conference, as we know their involvement and knowledge is highly valued by conference attendees.

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