The Best of NextGen In Photos

All our photos from NextGen12 can be seen here. Some of the best are below, taken by Govlooper Kanika Tolver:

Steve Ressler emceed many of the sessions, rocking the “Field Notebook” used by conference participants to keep track of which of the awesome session they wanted to check out next.

Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of wordpress: “you need to build from strength to strength, rather than trying to build too much too soon” and Jon Carson, Director of the Office of Public Engagement for the White House: “because we are surrounded by information, and wired in, we think we know what is going on” talk to the conference over lunch.

Andrew Krzmarzick, Community Engagement Director at GovLoop, speaks to the crowd at one of the many break-out sessions.

Conversations and networking over breakfast. Getting to know other govies was enjoyed by all.

Carmen Medina, former CIA current Deloitte, talks about being a corporate rebel: “bad rebels break rules and complain. Good rebels change rules and create.”

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