The Commission’s Conferencing Center

The Commission’s Conferencing Center (CCC) has a total of 5 rooms. Facing the CCC, the one to the furthest on the right is called the Commission Meeting Room. It’s where the Chair and Commissioners meet to engage in what’s called official “Commission Meetings”; and it’s mostly full of huge furniture that comprise a seating/podium area for the Chair, Commissioners, the General Counsel, and the Legal Counsel. The rest of us don’t typically use that particular room because it’s impossible to move the huge furniture around to make space for a regular meeting.

So the IT Summit will take place in the 4 other rooms that make-up the CCC. If you take a peek at the PDF that should show up on the link below, you will also notice that there is a small room “behind” the Commission Meeting Room. [NOTE: In the PDF, all rooms appear in reverse order, as if you were facing away from the CCC).] It’s what we call a “Small VTC Room”. (VTC = Video Teleconference; “Small” because it has only one flat panel monitor on the wall, not necessarily a reference to the size of the room itself) In that Small VTC Room (number 1SE01A), we will have things of interest on display the entire week, such as A/V and VTC equipment, a TTY, a videophone, and the new desktops and laptops. There are people in OIT that can provide overviews of these items. All you have to do is ask:

A/V & VTC – ask Ron Larson or Ayoob Jan
TTY & videophone – ask Deanna Scott or Vince Monico
new desktops & laptops – ask Mike Edmondson, Valarie Prue, or Juan Mercedes

We will also use the room identified in the PDF as room number 1SE21L, across the wide hall from the CCC, for temporary storage during the week. And on Friday, field ITS’ can bring their luggage and leave it there while they attend the remaining sessions on Friday morning. We will have someone checking stuff in and out of the room that day.

Directly across from 1SE01A is a space where we will have a hub and outlets for you to plug in your laptops and do things like check e-mail. Don’t forget to bring a cable lock!

Food will be served in the wide area between the CCC and 1SE21L.


NOTE: The link above is on inSite and you can likely only reach it while you’re inside EEOC’s network. It’s unlikely you can access it from your home PC.

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