The Fed Coach: How To Become a Great Federal Leader — Without Senior Leadership Support

What suggestions do you have for being an effective leader when you don’t have support from your leadership? – Federal manager (GS-15), U.S. Department of Homeland Security

I commend you for wanting to grow as a leader and become more effective so that you can engage your team and have a positive effect on their morale and performance even without the support from other leaders around you.

Back in March, I shared the results of research my organization, the Partnership for Public Service, completed with the Hay Group. We examined the characteristics of innovative federal leaders to determine their common leadership traits. Despite varied backgrounds, agencies and results, these leaders demonstrated great resilience and vision. They were all able to network and collaborate effectively across stovepipes within their agency and across sectors.

Perhaps most relevant to your question, they all built strong, diverse teams with a sense of purpose. Our research found that many of these leaders succeeded despite working with some difficult senior leaders. In fact, they excelled in three areas.

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