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The Federal Coach: Avoiding a Weiner Scandal: Social Media Tips for Federal Workers

Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons this past week given the news about Rep. Anthony Weiner and his online liaisons.

While this news can be enough to scare federal employees away from social media, digital communication is a potential tool that often times can be the best avenue for federal employees to connect with the people they serve – the American public – anywhere, anytime.

As one experienced federal leader told me, “If you’re not using social media, you’re not connecting with the public. You need to embrace the technology and just realize that as a leader you may become the star of your own reality show. You never know when something you say may be picked up by the media and make a bigger splash than you had expected. If you don’t do anything embarrassing, you’ll be fine.”

To help managers and their teams have a better understanding of social media technologies, the General Services Administration (GSA) recently released guidelines for its employees. These guidelines are a good roadmap for other federal agencies and leaders who are looking for suggestions on how to best navigate the world of social media.

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