The Federal Coach: Be the bad guy – Negative feedback and how to deliver it

For many people, top fears include spiders, heights, public speaking and crowds. For many government managers I speak to, it’s delivering criticism at performance time.

It’s no wonder that delivering feedback — particularly feedback on improving — produces so much anxiety. Even under the best of circumstances, delivering feedback and coaching is difficult. But when an employee is not performing to expectations, emotions often run high. The performance conversation is the scenario that makes even experienced managers sweat. No one wants to be the bad guy.

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Doris Tirone

This is excellent guidance for both seasoned and new managers. Your article offers a great approach that will go a long way toward working with people whose performances need additional attention. No matter how a manager feels about a performer, it might also be helpful to remind ones self that the performance critique is not personal, it’s professional, Keep comments neutral and on point with good examples of what went wrong while providing ideas that demonstrate how the employee can do better in the future.