The Federal Coach: David McClure – Nine lives of gov 2.0

In this week’s interview I talked with David McClure, the associate administrator of the General Services Administration’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, who leads the government’s outreach to the public through social networking tools and websites including My conversation with David covered topics ranging from what is his favorite government app to his ‘light bulb’ realization that he was a leader.

Q: How are social networking tools and other technologies changing the way federal leaders lead?

A: Government leaders have to think about how to use the power of social media to communicate with citizens. It’s no longer just what they hear about on the nightly news, or what they get on the website. It’s being proactive, actually going out to where citizens are interacting, and communicating what you’re doing to improve their lives. Leaders have to really think about this two-way communication element to leadership.

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