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The Federal Coach: Want to Engage Your Federal Employees? Just Google It

With the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM)Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey coming to government workers again next month, now is a great time for federal managers to consider how you’re engaging and motivating your staff.

While you may not have time to affect the results in this year’s survey, that shouldn’t stop you from planning for the long term.

For inspiration, you might look to Fortune Magazine’s most recent 100 Best Companies to Work For. Instead of focusing on the headlines about big paychecks and outrageous perks, I encourage you to look at what’s really driving the employee satisfaction and commitment at these organizations.

Google, which is number four on this year’s list, may make news for its free food and laundry service, as well as its climbing walls and other benefits. But Google’s own analysis showed that even with all of these perks, employee engagement and performance is largely driven by one variable: leadership.

So, is working for Google just like working for the federal government?

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