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The Federal Coach: Work With Someone Who Doesn’t Understand Social Norms?

Most people know how to behave in the workplace, but there are always outliers who are aggressive, quirky or who have never figured out the acceptable social norms.

Recently, a colleague shared a rather bizarre story of a federal employee who would burp in the face of a colleague or manager when given a task he didn’t want to perform. Even though the employee’s job performance was fully satisfactory, people complained about this behavior, and saw it as mocking and a sign of deliberate disrespect.

Although this seems like a scene out of the television comedy show Parks and Recreation, uncomfortable issues arise in offices across the country every day. For example, a search on the phrase “body odor in the workplace” on Google yielded over 85,000 articles and blog entries! From improper office attire to offensive emails, inappropriate office behavior can come in many different forms.

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Margaret Sarro

Nothing better than trying to have professional discussion with someone and they start rolling their eyes. Now THAT is awesome. And no I don’t usually deserve it! In case you were wondering. 🙂

Michele R. Jacobs

I’ve always been a big fan of speaking with someone who constantly interrupts in order to share their been-there, done-that insights. Gotta love a know-it-all! 🙂