The Final Frontier

We are embarking on the greatest business revolution in 4 generations. It affects the whole economy.

The biggest change in ownership since WWII is starting now and will continue through the next 15 years. More than one half of small and medium business in the American economy are owned and managed by Boomers, and will have a forced change in ownership.

Who they are? Many current business owners have their personal fortunes tied up in their businesses. If they cannot find a way to get the money out of the business or assure its continuing viability, they will have a poorer retirement.

Do you know business owners like this – can’t figure how to get their money out? What do they need? How are YOU going to interact with someone in that situation?

They are looking for credible solutions.

Like Scheherazade in The 1001 Nights, if the story doesn’t hold their interest, it’s off with your head, and on to the next.

How do you get the owner to see that you could hold the key to their problem and can help them out?

Probably the biggest factor for the owner is what you bring to the table. What can you say that will create as interest in developing a solution?

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