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Elmer – A Natural Leader

Elmer can fix anything, can give directions to get to anywhere, and will rush into a crisis with a plan and mobilizing others to join him to reset the balance of the situation. His greatest strength, however is leading people: without the benefit of a mantle of title, or formal authority, he has an eager… Read more »


As the story goes, when asked by his father about who chopped down the cherry tree, George Washington said “I cannot tell a lie, I did it with my little hatchet.” While this actually did not happen, throughout his life, Washington demonstrated a strict adherence to telling the truth, especially to himself. Historical accounts tellRead… Read more »

The Final Frontier

We are embarking on the greatest business revolution in 4 generations. It affects the whole economy. The biggest change in ownership since WWII is starting now and will continue through the next 15 years. More than one half of small and medium business in the American economy are owned and managed by Boomers, and willRead… Read more »

What is Trust?

Picture this: Lucy has convinced Charlie Brown to run up to kick the football while she is holding it. Charlie races toward the ball and just before he kicks it, Lucy pulls it away – again. Of course, Charlie kicks nothing but air and winds up on his back with a thud; humiliated and disappointedRead… Read more »

Selling Out

During a period of more than 10 years, as a CEO, Director, and Board Chairman, I have been responsible for disposing of three organizations and have been an acquisition target of two other organizations. I have been a close observer of several others. Here’s what I learned. Start Early. From concept to handing over theRead… Read more »


A popular quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin is: Nothing is certain but death and taxes. True – however, the timing of one and the amount of the other are not certain. Leaders face certainty and uncertainty when painting their vision – e.g., revenue must cover expenses for an organization to be viable, but the timingRead… Read more »