The Give-Me’s vs. The Takers

All these blogs about the Government: how it is failing, if it were a company what would happen, who should be in charge of it, etc, etc…

Perhaps I’m simplifying things too much, but I see that the failure of the government and the US as a whole is going further than what Congressman or Senator is asking for what for himself or his state and what the President is giving to whom. The US as a whole started failing when we determined that no one person can fail, no matter what. The whole “no child left behind” thought, or in sports, the “there is no winner/loser” mentality. Life is not like this. Life has failures. Life rewards those who work, kicks the butt of those who do not, and does not care if there feelings get hurt or if it’s “not fair!” (insert whining voice).

As our kids grow up and are not rewarded for their hard work, or paying a penalty for the lack there-of, then they expect life to be “fair” and for them to always get what everyone else has. These kids grow up to be our leaders, in all things – to include the government – and then we act surprised when they continue to want to be treated fairly, get their fair shake, without all the work? Then these kids that have grown up are not balancing a budget… ooops… nope, because it’s their right to do whatever they want, because there are no repercusions for them, and it’s ok as long as it affects someone else. Get a whole playground of these kids working on something with this mentality and you start seeing our government as it is today.

News flash folks: Life is NOT fair. There are always winners and losers in everything, and learning to be a good winner, a better loser, and that the results of hard work is not always the win, are lessons that everyone needs to be learning and which is where our government has lost it’s focus. Let’s go back to basics… in school, if you don’t apply yourself and work for your grade, you don’t earn it. In sports, you realise that some days you win, and some days you lose, but the hard work sometimes pays off in more wins than losses and if you are beat, then you come back harder the next time. Let’s get away from the “give me” attitude of society today, and go back to the work hard and earn your way. If we start today, with the kids in our schools right now, and if the government survives until they grow up, then we have a chance at surviving as a Nation. Hopefully there are still enough older folks out there that can get in government to bail the sinking ship of our nation until those youngsters can get there. This is not at all a generational idea.. ie: not Boomers vs X’ers vs Y’ers… it’s an idea of those who are in politics because it is their “due” vs those who are in it because they see it as a fight to survive and are willing to go to battle, win or lose, because it is right. The “give me’s” vs. the “Takers”.

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First I am neither a republican or democrat. I believe in voting for who I think will do the best overall job representing all sides to some degee.

I agree that there will always be winners and losers… But Wisconsin is a great example of poor leadership qualities. The democrats left the state so they did not have to work. I guess that means when the democrats gain control it gives the republicans the same right.

Unfortunatly both need to share blame on our financial issues. But right now I see the republicans as the only ones realizing that we need to reduce our spending. But it starts at our level in the home. We are so used to living on credit and now cannot get credit becuase most of us really cannot afford it anyways. How can we expect congress to work wonders when we have become the society of wanting everything for free. I guess everyone forgot what Pres Kennedy said…do not ask what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country.!!!! It is time to quit whinning about all the freebies and start thinking what we can do to improve our our society and that you need to earn what you recieve. That includes the seniors out there who think they paid enough into SS. Boy do they have a surprize coming. Winning is what drives our society. The ones that continue to pursue the winning are the ones who eventually win and they are the ones who have the money. Work harder and smarter and you may not get rich but can live a comfortable life.

Jay Johnson

Some of those responsible for our current crisis will get away without paying their share and some who had nothing to do with it will be paying a lot. Doesn’t matter cause life’s not fair. It doesn’t change the facts that we need action now to save everyone. We’re all in the same boat, and it’s sinking. Quit fighting over who is staying the most dry!