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In a week of hard work at the Center for Information Technology, a fact that slipped my attention. I then decided to write this post to mark what I called the technology acumen.

Since 1997, we implemented the legislative branch in Fortaleza, streaming audio and video of plenary sessions over the Internet, and even working in software development, we have the custom to follow, in a small window in the taskbar of windows, what thishappening in Parliament.

Who monitors the session for a long time, as is the case, you should have noticed that often uses the Parliamentary papers of the day to give evidence or start a subject which he raised.Common occurrence that happens routinely and that this week caught my attention.

Information Technology is in our daily lives and where we’re using something technological, innovative and will help in carrying out our tasks. But there are people who are not so linked to these advances, which have adopted the use of phone, computer or other equipment, even a fad, an indication of a friend or any other reason.

Perhaps for this Parliamentary know for some time and know that is not a person so connected to technology, has been the reason that caught my attention.

More Parliamentary what made this so important in the Technological World?

When starting his speech in Plenary, the Parliamentary Journal quoted one of the news and to prove what he was saying showed the copy he had in his hand, and what was being read at that moment in your IPAD.

The Parliamentary we used the most advanced technology available today in our day to day, as if using a copy of his newspaper. In his lawsuit unnoticed, may have been the first legislator from Brazil, using a technology tool, which consisted at the time his thesis.

Actually two tools, hardware, iPad and Software, Journal of Electronic Document in shape.
When innovation gets even as different tools, we witnessed the future that seemed distant, or even fiction, being accepted in the Present.

It is here that record an event which soon will be routine, such as the use of Mobile, Smartphone, Notebook, Netbook, WiFi Network, among others.

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