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Magnifying the Voice of the Future

Can leaders in a democracy think beyond the next election? This is a key question posed by a New Zealand academic, Jonathan Boston, who is studying how different countries attempt to address long-term risks to society, the environment, and fiscal sustainability. Dr. Boston, visiting the U.S. on a Fulbright Scholarship, sums up some of his... Read more »

Are You a Digital Hunter-Gatherer?

If you’ve ever been to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, you’ve more than likely seen the exhibit on human origins and evolution. Historical artifacts, life-size models and realistic renderings attempt to paint a portrait of the earliest of human civilizations. From our modern perspective, these first Homo sapiens seem more like animals than... Read more »

Your Top Digital Government Questions – Answered

Last week, GovLoop, Accenture and Pegasystems hosted an online training on the future of digital government. And an especially important part of that training was the Q & A session between panelists and attendees, since it provided a live, interactive forum for the exchange of ideas and solutions. You can listen to an archived recording... Read more »

Congress and the Federal Worker

Federal employees have many concerns on their plate in terms of Congress and the federal budget, including: What will happen with federal pay in 2015 following the 1% increases in 2014? Will Congress pass a debt limit increase? How will the president's State of the Union promise to use more Executive Orders play out? Ken... Read more »

The 1 Critical Key that Traditional Leadership Training Misses

Have you ever attended leadership training programs sponsored inside your organization, listened to the wonderful information being presented, and thought to yourself, "Yeah, that sounds great, but it doesn’t work when I get back to my office"? After 24 plus years of federal service, and more than seven years as a leadership instructor, and executive... Read more »

Top 5 Tech Tools Teleworker's Can't Live Without

Tools, gadgets, gizmos galore. These days technology is outpacing the culture at many workplaces. You might have the tools in place to telework but not the management style. But one thing everyone can agree on is that without the tools there is no telework. In our latest guide, "Agency of the Future: Telework More Than... Read more »