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The Molehill Business

The other day I sat through seven presentations. That’s about ten hours.

The sales guys uniformly wanted to drape their presentation around their process. The better presentations focused on providing cool nuggets of immediate value.

The boring presentations all featured The One Right Way. The better presentations let me pick and choose.

And after looking at all those clouds and circles, I realized that a process is just like a blog. Shorter is better.

When you get over 50 variables or gates, rethink your model. Your
process has died. Tommy Smothers called his imaginary golf book, 352 Things To Remember At The Point Of Impact.

The other thing I realized was that after fifteen points in a model, the
purpose is more failure analysis. “Not doing this thingie right here
must have been the reason we failed.”
Dr. Deming said, “People who focus on failure become experts on failure.”

The best thing I learned was the novel concept that best practices
should be so blatantly obvious that your people rush to adopt them. If
you have to apply force, they are not best practices.

What do you think?

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