The New FixingPotholes

As most of you know I am now SVP of Global and Strategic Accounts for Salesforce. I absolutely love the position as it puts our company at the forefront of radical and sometimes wrenching business process changes for our commercial customers. The dynamic involved is very familiar as I have been preaching about change for decades now and this gives me an incredible platform for which to continue those conversations.

The only slight change is that my focus is the board room and not an electeds office. It is a slight change only because the nature of the shift is the same. As they found out at Netflix and Bank of America, if you don’t listen to the constituents you will lose. Similar lessons in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and soon Syria. The parallels between the public sector and the commercial sector couldn’t be more obvious today. I am proud to be part of an organization preaching about the ability of all of us to embrace that change. To make it happen. To better the bottom line, to grow our economy and to bring our business much close to our customer.

I will be posting now from my own blog, FixingPotholes, without changing the name. The idea remains the same. Pay attention to stakeholder demands. Fix the small issues as they can quickly become large issues. And leverage the cloud as e best possible tool to make the social revolution one in which your customers benefit directly from your involvement.

Thank you all for sticking with me this year and for sticking with me through a much larger revolution in front of us all. As we bring our global economy out of the spiral it finds itself in. As we work as one globe to grow local and national economies. As we bring our customs intimately closer to our business. And we do so at the speed of light.

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