Whats Your Favorite Free Smartphone App? Do Share!!!

Is it Twitter?



Something New You’re Tinkering With?

Right now I’m experimenting with Deals By Citysearch. It’s finds all of the deal in your immediate locale. Great for Black Friday sales hunters. Take a peek at the vid…

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Ken Barnes

I have a bunch like FB, Angry Birds, and Words w Friends… but my favorite app for productivity is Evernote. Keeps all my notes available in the cloud.. which has allowed me to go across multiple platforms and phones (over time) and still have a centralized place to keep my random information. Before when I would do things like update my device, if I forgot to backup my notes, I’d lose them on occasion. This fixes that issue for me.

Paul Homan

Hands down my word games. I love playing Wordfeud and Words with Friends. Addicted actually. Anyone wants to challenge me my handle on both is p20003.

Also I have an app that makes pictures into legos, which my niece really enjoys.

James E. Evans, MISM, CSM


Wordfeud looks interesting. I’m downloading the freebie from android as we speak . Thanks for the heads-up!!

James E. Evans, MISM, CSM


Never heard of Evernote. Any productive app the stores in the cloud and is cross-platform has my attention. Not sure if I have a need for it yet. But increasing app awareness is the driver behind this particular post. There’s just so much out there. Thanks for sharing Ken.

Lisa Wilcox

I use Foursquare and FB and I use MapMyRun to track my workouts. I love it! You can do walk, run, bike, and more! Thanks for the discussion!

James E. Evans, MISM, CSM


I am avid Foursquarer also! Never heard of MapMyRun. I’ll need to check into that one. It’s amazing how many different app’s are out there. Thank you for discussing.

Avatar photo Katelyn Keegan

I know this is an old thread, but to share a few of my favorites for Android –

  • “DragonGo” is voice controlled search engine – not as good as Siri on iPhone, but it has a lot of similar features about how it searches.
  • “Amazon App Store” everyday Amazon gives away an app for free that usually costs money. I have gotten a few really great apps for free from Amazon that I refused to pay for like “Where’s my water,” “Fruit Ninja,” “Cut the Rope,” “Peggle,” and “QuickOffice Pro.”
  • “Where’s My Droid” is my absolute favorite emergency app. Have you ever lost your cell phone and it was on vibrate? All hope is not lost if you have this app. All you need to do is text your personal keyphrase to your cell phone and it will turn the ringer on even from silent mode to help you find it.