The New Work Force in the New Economy

The new workforce in the new economy is telework/telecommuting. The new workforce requires a different organizational structure and different management and leadership mindset and skills. I see the economy of the future will be more community based than currently. Are organizations ready for this transformation?
I am prepared and really look forward to becoming a part of this transformation. To be successful, organizations will need to transform to a high performance and high organizational trust culture. The cost of employers’ operations will shift to employees in this new telework structure. Probably, this is what the Federal government can count on to reduce the Federal deficit and subsequently taxpayers can keep more of what they will earn. I am so ready for this transformation. Technology has transformed the ways we work and communicate. Leadership and organizational transformation must be part of the strategic plan and weekly management meeting agenda!

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Terrence (Terry) Hill

Wow! You are really excited about the possibilities for the future. Instead of telework, I’m more excited about the Result Only Work Environment – This movement has real potential to reinvent how we work and goes way beyond telework. Keep that enthusiasm! We need more of that in the Government!