The Transformative Power of Communications

Looking around at the new lay of the land, people are communicating with one another in vastly different ways. Social media, mobile devices, email, and video are the new normal, and this shift has impacted the way we interact with friends and family, in addition to the way that we work.

The CEO of GovDelivery, Scott Burns, spoke this past Tuesday about the power of digital communications in this new market. His presentation began by highlighting how communication has evolved with rapid changes in the private sector with rise of targeted online advertising leading to 83% of marketers are planning budget shift from print to digital advertising

This shift towards digital communications is also occurring in public sector, however the ROI is not measuring in $ made but in mission results achieved, this shift towards digital communication.

In his presentation, Burns highlighted three steps for capturing value with digital communications in the public sector:

Step 1: Effectiveness (reach)

Build a database. Government agencies should consolidate their constituent lists and focus on ways to grow and nurture their audience

Step 2: Efficiency

Use automation and integrated solutions to streamline communications. Agencies should focus on repurposing content across channels as well as connecting inbound, outbound, and collaborative activities.

Step 3: Engagement

Leverage ability to reach targeted audiences efficiently to drive desired results. Translate geek results (visits, page views) to real mission results (increased # of flu shots, more citizens prepared)

Check out the full presentation below:


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