Thief Sues Victim

Here is a story which makes me really angry at the rights criminals have.

You have law abiding employees getting robbed by a theif, and he wants to sue for his pain, suffering and emotional distress. I have no use for somone like this. It boils down to, what action happened when this man was shot? Hummm let me think….when he decided to rob the store. That is when he got shot. He wasn’t standing on the street minding his own business. He threatened these people with a weapon and he was willing to use it. He is lucky not one of the true victims got hurt by accident when he was robbing them, or any other mistake that could occur during a robbery.

He was more than willing to kill these people, yet when they had a chance, they did not kill him, they only wounded him.

Serious case of someone abusing the system. I know the attorney is doing his job, but I do hope the judge does his, and dismisses this mess.

I hope the employees sue him for PTSD. They may not receive a dime while he is jail, but when he gets out, he would have to still pay them.

What in the world happened to protecting your own property?

End of rant.

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