Thrift Savings Plan Millionaire Strategy

It is extremely rewarding to open peoples eyes to the thrift savings plan millionaire strategy. You might even say it brings great pleasure to have realized there was a way to retire a millionaire at the age of 32. It took me going to college for marketing to then realize there were no jobs to finally get a federal job to see my future. The future of my tsp account and a minimum average of 12% return per year. I am not even a financial or investment advisor either.
I am just an average federal employee who wanted more out of his federal thrift savings plan. With only one interfund transfer allowed per month, how is retiring a millionaire possible? Sure, I can bore you with analytics, chart talk, market talk, market analysis, fundamental mumbo jumbo and all the other terms that seem to put me to sleep as I think of them. But there is a simpler way.
Thrift Savings Plan Advice

There are people out there that actually spare the mumbo jumbo and leave that to the analytically craved wannabe thrift savings plan market “gurus”. These self professed “advisors” can barely gain an average of 4% to 7% yearly.
Who needs that? What if I told you that you can average at least 12% yearly for 30 years and retire a millionaire with your thrift savings plan? It does take patience. Slow and steady wins the race. And we can win the race!

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