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How The U.S. Government Can Accelerate The Impact Economy

Originally appeared in Forbes in partnership with the Skoll World Forum. Click here for the original article. Written by: Shrupti Shah, Ross Rocketto, and Rob Terrin Momentum is building for government to play a larger role in the impact economy, the ecosystem where social entrepreneurs who have sustainable business models to generate both profit and… Read more »

TSP Investment Timing and the Retiree’s Dilemma

The stock market is up and the DOW stock market index has recovered from its low of 6629 in March of 2009 to over 15,000 recently. Interest rates and yields on CDs, treasuries, and savings have remained historically low. The government has artificially maintaining interest rates well below norm to stimulate the economy and to… Read more »

Technology in Development that Could Bump Canada to World’s No. 1 Oil Reserve

If you’re in to oil investing, here’s a story you’re going to want to hear. It would seem as though Canada may have the world’s richest oil deposits. And, if the proper technology can be developed to unlock these crude commodities, Canada could very well position herself as the number one oil reserve in the… Read more »

TSP Investing Advice on Retiring a Millionaire

Usually, in todays economy, most federal employees I speak with have doubts on their thrift savings plan retirement. The older employees have an interesting mindset. They feel the market is too unpredictable to dabble in interfund transfers. “Too dangerous” is what I get most of the time. As of this post, I am 32 years… Read more »