Thursday’s political law links

BUCKLEY AND SEVERABILITY. Did you catch Paul Clement’s discussion of Buckley during yesterday’s argument? His references to the case didn’t generate any specific questions. All of the audio is online here. In part, Clement argued: “This Court struck down the ban on expenditures, left the contribution ban in place, and for 4 decades Congress has tried to fix what’s left of the statute, largely unsuccessfully, whereas it would have I think worked much better from a democratic and separation of powers standpoint if the Court would have said: Look, expenditures are — you can’t limit expenditures under the Constitution; the contribution provision is joined at the hip. Give Congress a chance to actually fix the problem.” Transcript.

SENATE HEARING TODAY AND TIMES EDITORIAL. Editorial. “Republicans once identified with good government have an opportunity right now to reach across the aisle — before that scandal breaks. Senator McCain?”

ALLARD LEAVING K ST. News here. “Nick Allard, chairman of Patton Boggs’ lobbying practice, is leaving the firm to become dean of Brooklyn Law School starting July 1.”

NEW SUPER PAC. LA Times. “Headed by a prominent Democratic contributor, a new ‘super PAC’ called ‘Animal Lovers Against Romney’ will move forward with a single purpose: publicizing the story of Mitt Romney and how he treated his dog, Seamus.”

VOLZ IN DC. The Post. “t’s the classic Washington story of politics, arrogance and greed. They always end badly, and there’s always a tell-all memoir.”

ALLEGED PERSONAL USE. Story here. “A New Jersey congressman has spent at least $97,000 in campaign money on at least 18 trips over the past five years to California, where his daughter has been pursuing a singing and acting career, The Associated Press found.”

BLAGOJEVICH AIDE SENTENCED. Story here. “Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s ex-chief of staff — who began cooperating with authorities days after the two were arrested for corruption in December 2010 — was sentenced on Wednesday to only 10 days in prison for trying to help sell President Barack Obama’s open Senate seat.”

CORPORATE DISCLOSURE. Story here. “Some secret donors who gave money to groups that paid for millions of dollars in attack ads during the 2010 midterm elections are becoming public.”

DURKEE TO ENTER PLEA. Story here. “A Democratic campaign treasurer at the center of the largest political embezzlement scheme in state history will enter a plea later this week to federal felony charges, and sources close to the case said it would resolve the criminal charges.”



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