Time flies

With all the social media platforms and collaboration going on, I managed to miss out on all the great posts and discussions on GovLoop. I’ve spent a lot of time on private platforms over the last couple of years, which is very enriching and productive, but I thought it was time to check on my GovLoop network. All the new features and content are impressive. I won’t spend so much time away. In fact, I think I’ll check in everyday to catch up, make some new friends, and contribute to the discussions and collaboration.

Since there is so much to react to, I would appreciate any suggestions on which groups to focus on for issues related to the implications of social media on government, process improvement, and everyday leadership examples that should be shared and spread to make government operations more responsive and efficient.

Looking forward to re-engaging and exchanging ideas!

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Great to see you back Joe – let me know if you have any questions. What’s new in your world? Biggest challenges these days?