Tip from a yogi: posture and mindfulness

When working at a computer, many people tend to let the shoulders roll forward and the belly sink in. Maintaining this posture for eight or more hours a day can create a lot of bad muscle memory and achey muscles and joints.

One of my favorite techniques is simply to check in and see what my body is doing in that moment:

– Are my shoulder blades back and down?

– Is my chest open?

– Is my core engaged/belly button drawn in toward the spine?

– Are my hips even (not slouching to one side or another)?

– Are my feet about hip width apart (not crossed)?

When sitting, I never use the back of my chair; I’m usually perched on the edge, practicing the art of alignment while plugging away at the keyboard. Every hour, I take a few minutes to walk around, stretch, or enjoy the foam roller. Lots of great tips out there–enjoy, fellow office folk, and namaste 🙂

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