TO: :Andrew Krzmarzick Re; Contingency Planning

TO: :Andrew Krzmarzick

FROM: Meyer Moldeven (Mike)
Subject: Contingency Planning
Andrew, Hello again, I noted the following on yesterday’s GovLoop:
“GovLoopers! What if anything are you hearing about contingency …6 days ago … We aren’t hearing a thing and figure there must be some planning going … What if anything are you hearing about contingency planning at …


It so happens that in 1953 I was ‘project officer’ on a Cold War ‘contingency’ plan at Nouasseur Air Base, about 20 K south of Casablanca. Post-retirement, I wrote a memoir on the experience. Some of the specifics might still interest people involved in present-day planning; see my memoir: Cold War Plan, North Africa (1953) at:
(Edited September 29, 2009)

Should anyone in GovLoop have a question,

I’d be pleased to dig back in my memory for a response. My hearing is out so we’d need to use email.
Best to you and to everybody in GovLoop.

Meyer Moldeven (Mike)

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