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The Project Gutenberg eBook, The Universe — or Nothing, by Meyer Moldeven The Universe — or Nothing by Meyer Moldeven – Project Gutenberg

Search the Weekly Spark Browse Issue By Date The Weekly Spark often includes information that may interest military members and members of and their families. This newsletter occasionally also suggests passing a copy along to a friend. Accordingly, I try to comply. Please consider doing the same. (mike moldeven, private citizen) ~~~~~~~~ The Weekly SparkRead… Read more »

FYI-Suicide prevention

FYI: Included here are several prefatory paragraphs of an item posted online in NIMH science-news Nov 10, 2011 at: Title: Widely Used Screening Tool Shown to Successfully Predict Suicide AttemptsSource: NIMHA widely used suicide screening tool can help determine who is most at risk for suicide by pinpointing the threshold at which a person’sRead… Read more »

Holidays and Storytelling

HOW MY TOO-FARAWAY STORYTELLING BEGAN by greatgrandpa Mike I live in one city, my grandchildren in another almost a thousand miles distant. During one of my visits I took my, then, three-year-old granddaughter for a stroll. We paused to examine a spider’s web that spanned the space between two shrubs. A brief shower had passedRead… Read more »

Grandma, Grandpa, Holidays Coming

OLDER ADULTS, COMPUTERS AND GRANDCHILDREN by Greatgrandpa Mike Moldeven Don’t let the keyboard intimidate you. Here are models that you can adjust to suit your situation. ‘Grandma and Grandpa have moved to a house that is far from where you live. We will still see you as often as we can, but sometimes the waitRead… Read more »

NOTICE: FYI The source for these verbatim excerpts is ‘The Weekly Spark of September 2, 2011.’ The SPRC source often includes a note to pass their postings along to others where the content might be useful.This posting complies accordingly. Active links are located at: “Champions of Change: Suicide Prevention Resource Center builds national capacity.Read… Read more »

TO: :Andrew Krzmarzick Re; Contingency Planning

TO: :Andrew Krzmarzick FROM: Meyer Moldeven (Mike)Subject: Contingency PlanningAndrew, Hello again, I noted the following on yesterday’s GovLoop:“GovLoopers! What if anything are you hearing about contingency …6 days ago … We aren’t hearing a thing and figure there must be some planning going … What if anything are you hearing about contingency planning at …Read… Read more »

Social, media, strategy?

Hello, Mike here. I received a multi-address email last week from somebody in an IG shop. The text included, as I recollect, the words ‘media’ ‘social’ and ‘strategy’; that’s all that stuck to me and I’ve misplaced the email. I’d like a chance to respond but need more specific info on what’s wanted, like ‘who,Read… Read more »

Notice: Suicide Prevention

TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2011 EXCERPTS FROM THE ‘SPRC’ WEEKLY SPARK 7,28,11 I’ve posted the July 28, 2011 issue of the Suicide Prevention Resource Center’s Weekly SPARK newsletter to my BLOG ‘Suicide Prevention is Everybody’s Business’ located at: The Weekly Spark website occasionally includes their recommendation to “send a copy to a friend.” Please doRead… Read more »


Youth Suicidal Behavior — Fact Sheet – Prevention of Youth Suicides and Suicidal Behavior SOURCE: AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF SUICIDOLOGY Youth suicidal behavior is a significant national problem. The extent of suicidal behavior — including thoughts of and plans for suicide, nonfatal suicide attempts, and suicide deaths — is shown below. Yet, as with soRead… Read more »