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You’re busy. You work a full-time job. You may have family, and other responsibilities. To make your life easier I’ve included a list of five apps that will save you time.

NoWait – This app allows you to virtually stand in the queue for a table at a local restaurant. Though not all restaurants use it, NoWait is growing in popularity. The app is a great tool when you want get into a restaurant that has long waits. You can have coffee at a bookstore while your avatar waits in line.

Free Wifi –The name says it all. This app creates a map of nearby Wifi hotspots

FindMyCar – Did you ever forget where you parked your car? If you remember to use this app before you leave your car you will always be able to locate it.

Nearify – Ever wonder what’s going on in your town tonight. Whether you’re interested in performing arts, classes, sports games, conferences, fundraisers, political or charity events, Nearify locates them for you based on proximity to you, start time and topical preferences. For example, if you’re not interested in kids’ events, you can screen that category out of results.

Mint – Mint allows you to track your income and expense by linking to your credit card and banking accounts. Since mint can recognize what types of expenses you’ve made it’s easy to track how much you’ve spent a week on groceries, gasoline and other expenses. Mint does have its limits though. Since it apparently has no category for professional development I had to put memberships in networking groups under kids’ expenses.

I’ve also noted that there are several great apps that provide RSS feeds or aggregate news and blogs from other websites. I use Feedly, but I’d be interested in hearing what everyone else uses.

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LaRel Rogers

Thanks for sharing Jay! I’m only familiar with 2/5 of these apps and have only used one a few times. Always looking for new recommendations that others feel confident about for saving time. I especially wouldn’t mind “coffee at a bookstore while your avatar waits in line.” 🙂